Landscape Design

Tranquil Lake Nursery has been providing unique and distinctive landscape and garden design installations for more than twenty-five years.

Designed by landscape horticulturist and garden designer Warren Leach and built and planted under his direction, the gardens and landscapes provide an enduring experience, both functional and aesthetic. They engage you both physically and intellectually with colorful borders, fragrant flowers, sheltering trees and shrubs, gurgling fountains and gracious structures - from small intimate spaces to grand plantings. Warren’s exceptional talent melds a depth of botanical knowledge, horticultural skills and artistic landscape design. The distinct beauty and craftsmanship of his gardens demonstrate a site sensitive response to the environment while counter-balancing art and nature in harmony.

The breadth of Warren Leach’s work is considerable in size as well as geographically range. His gardens flourish from a rockbound, ocean side landscape in Manchester-by-the-Sea, to a country estate in North Grafton, Massachusetts to a 4,000 acre gentleman’s farm in Madison, VA. He has an intuitive ability to quickly discern your property’s individual genius. Whether you are renovating an existing home garden or siting and building a new one; have an infinity view of the sea’s horizon or a majestic panorama of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a country estate, a suburban lay-out, or a postage stamp sized city plot, Warren will work with you to create a fulfilling environment for living and garden enjoyment.


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