"Beautiful display gardens with a huge variety of plants, trees flowers. Owner was very helpful. We liked a plant in the garden that she didn't have in a pot so she sent someone out to dig one up for us. How cool is that?~Google User Review"

I would like to take the time to thank you for my wife Betty's order recently received here at our home in Houston TX. I am a avid gardener and purchase way more plants via the internet, than I like to admit and have bought from dozens and dozens of nurseries. Your plant stock was very well handled, tagged well and of excellent stock, which is not always the case with other nurseries that I have dealt with previously. Good job.~Google User Review


Dear Warren,

Our words feel simple as we attempt to describe our deep appreciation and gratitude to you for our beautiful terrace! It is such a special and delightful space! We are basking in the shade and textures and sculptural forms of the trees, stones, and brick work, and plants.

It has been a wonderful, amazing and fun process to see the space evolve - you have taught us so very much...Your insights, visions, and creative process, as well as your knowledge base of plants and nature-based materials, render you a True Genius and Horticultural Artist in our eyes! 


You brought such joy to the project. Your joy and enthusiasm will remain in the space always.


Many thanks, Polly & Peter



A client's exclamation on hearing and seeing a water feature we constructed in a city garden, designed to muffle street noise:

The sound takes me back to my childhood in India, the sound of streams, waterfalls and pools in the Himalayas on summer adventures.

From another client:

Every time I open the door, the grove of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Van der Akker' makes me smile.



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