Orange, Amber, Peach & Melon Flowered Daylilies

The daylilies with orange, amber, peach & melon flowers that are listed below are in good supply. We have smaller numbers of many other orange, amber, peach & melon flowered daylilies. We ship healthy double-fan divisions or clumps (4-5 fans), unless other-wise indicated. Occasionally, low stock varieties and some new introductions will be shipped as single fans. Our guarantee still applies.

Abbreviations used, in sequence:

4"  - Flower size

D. - Dormant (foliage goes totally brown in early winter)

Ex.E - Extra early blooming

M.L. - Late midseason

(CL) - 4-5 fans

S.Ev. - Semi-evergreen ( may retain a small portion of green foliage during winter)

E. - Early blooming

H. M. - Honorable Mention

(T) - Tetraploid

Ev. - Evergreen ( reacts the same as Semi-evergreen here in the North)

E.M. - Early midseason

J. C. - Junior Citation of American Hemerocallis Society

35" - Flower scape height

M. - Midseason

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Orange, Amber or Melon Flowered Daylilies G through Z are Listed Below:

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  GALENA STAR (Blocher) 30”, D., M.                                                           $18.00

Brilliant and shining, star-shaped gold-orange spider- like flower.

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  GLOWING DELIGHT (Stevens) 22”, D., E., 5 ¾” (T)                                   $10.00

Large, rich luminous glowing-orange flower with yellow throat. Especially fine early blooming variety. Low growing showpiece with vigor.

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  GLOWING REMEMBRANCE (Woods-Leach) 25”, D., L., 5”                      $15.00

Neatly formed, peach-pink, overlapping petals accented by a radiant apricot throat. Fine pleated, ruffling and excellent branching with up to 28 buds per scape. Robust performer. Glows in the late August garden. Fragrant. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery.

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  GOLD MEDALLION (Hite) 29”, D., M., 5” (T)                                               $10.00

Excellent rich gold flower with chartreuse throat. Vigorous grower.

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  GOLD THIMBLE (Hughes) 20”, D., M., 1 ½”                                               $15.00

Tiny, bright orange miniature. Heavy blooming and long bloom season. Excellent nocturnal that reblooms. Low growing.

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  GOLDEN BOUNTY (McEwen) 28", D., E.M., 6" (T)                                    $18.00

Fragrant, glowing golden-yellow daylily with wide petals and green throat. Blooms in late June and reblooms.

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  GOLDEN CAMEO (Lachman) 32”, D., M., 6 ½” (T)                                     $15.00

Elegant pastel-apricot polychrome over a cream-yellow base with pink suffusions set off by a green throat. Fine pleated ruffling and excellent branching. Robust performer. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1991. 

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  GOLDEN CHIMES (Fischer) 46”, D., E.M., 3"                                             $10.00

Miniature with clear golden-yellow trumpet-shaped flowers with velvety texture. Black scapes are loaded with buds. Extended blooming. Don Fisher Award.

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  GOLDEN ORCHID (Dennett) 36”, D., E.M.                                                $18.00

Large deep golden orange star shaped daylily on tall scapes. A favorite in the late June garden. 

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  GOLDEN PRIZE (Peck) 26”, D., L., 7” (T)                                                 $15.00

Large, flat creped gold with extremely wide petals for the late garden. Classic beauty with excellent branching. A.M. and H. M. Awards. 

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  GOLDEN QUEST (Peck) 21”, D., M.L., 5” (T)                                            $15.00

Gold flower with olive-green throat on short scapes for the August garden. 

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  GOLDORA (Sobek) 26", D., Ex.E., 2 ½”                                                        $15.00

Very early, hot golden orange miniature. 

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  GOODBYE COLUMBUS (Abraham) 46”, D., M.L. to V.L., 4 ½”          $15.00

Strong, tall scapes display masses of triangular gold flowers. Petals are slightly recurved and pinched. It's late season and exceptionally high bud count (up to 50 per scape) add a colorful fanfare to the late season border.

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  GOOLAGONG (Smith) 36”, D., M., 6” (T)                                             $12.00

Deep chrome flower with small green throat. Large flower on tall scapes.

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  HAKUNENSIS (species) 36”, D., L.                                                               $12.00

Very late, small flowered pale orange with multiple blooms. Parent of late small-flowered hybrids.

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  HENNA COPPER (Moldovan) 30", D., E., 5" (T)                                        $18.00

Henna-copper daylily with dark blackish-brown eyezone and greenish-yellow throat. Fragrant extended bloomer. Reblooms.

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  HIGH SPIRIT (Reckamp) 34", D., M.La., 6" (T)                                       $15.00

Fragrant, apricot-cream blend with green throat. Blooms in the late season and reblooms.

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  HOLIDAY DELIGHT (Stevens) 28”, D., M., 6 ¼” (T)                                $10.00

Startling maroon eyezone over brilliant black-red orange flower and yellow throat. Bold color and a vigorous grower.

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  HONOR BORN (Peck) 30”, D., M., 6 ½” (T)                                                $18.00

Large apricot daylily.  

  HOT STUFF (Warner) 28”, S.Ev., E., 3” (T)                                                 $15.00

Fantastic butter-yellow mini with greenish-yellow throat. Extended blooming. Reblooms. J.C. Award. 

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  HOT TOWN (Stevens) 28", D., M.L., 4 ½" (T)                                           $12.00

Bright red with black-red eyezone and small yellow throat. Vigorous and well branched. J.C. Award. 

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  HONOR BORN (Peck) 30”, D., M., 6 ½” (T)                                              $18.00

Large apricot daylily.  

  ILLINI PUMPKIN (Varner) 38”, D., E., 5 ½” (T)                                       $18.00

Large, early blooming pumpkin-gold daylily. Tall and reblooms.  

  ILLINI RUFFLES (Varner) 33”, D., E.M., 6” (T)                                        $18.00

Light orange-beige blend with green throat for the late June garden. Tall and extended blooming.  

  JAZZ SIGNAL (Elliott) 24”, S.Ev., M., 6 ½”                                                 $18.00

Large, melon daylily with lemon halo. Fragrant and extended blooming. Reblooms.  

  JUDGE ORR (Orr) 24”, D., Ex.E.                                                                     $18.00

Vies with Elizabeth for first to bloom in the spring. Fine golden-orange yellow. Very fragrant and reblooms. Extended blooming.  

  KATHERINE JAFFRAY (Peck) 32”, D., M, 6” (T)                                      $15.00

Very smooth apricot-pink blend with green throat. Large, tall and reblooms.

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  KING MELON (Baker) 25”, D., M., 5 ¾” (T)                                              $12.00

Glittering pinkish orange-melon flower, with extra wide petals and extraordinary heavy substance. Super.

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  KITTEN’S PAW (Griesbach-Klehm) 30”, D., E.M., 6” (T)                       $18.00

Large flesh-pink blend for the June garden. 

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  KYOTO (Munson) 30”, D., M., 5” (T)                                                         $15.00

Smooth pastel peach-yellow flower with showy pink midribs and glowing gold throat. Fragrant.

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  LA LOUISIANE (Fass) 24”, D., M., 6"                                                            $15.00

Attractive and showy, large melon with pale lavender midribs
and flaring yellow throat. 

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  LADY TIGER (Lachman) 26”, D., M. to M.L., 5 ½” (T)                               $15.00

Dramatic, eye-catching, gilt edged and ruffled flower. The base color is melon orange with a striking rosy-purple eyezone around a yellow-green throat. Twenty buds per scape. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1992. 

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  LEPRECHAUN'S WEALTH (Hudson) 15”, S.Ev., E.M., 2 ½”                     $10.00

Miniature with round blooms of solid apricot-orange with lightly ruffled edges, creped texture and olive-green throat. Low growing. Reblooms.

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  LILLY DACHE (Hall) 40”, D., M.L., 8"                                                          $18.00

Different form with twisting petals and sepals mark this tall, very large brilliant gold-orange spider with reddish edging. H. M. Award.

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  LIONS PRIDE (Pettus) 24”, D., M., 7” (T)                                                   $15.00

Shinny, orangy-tan flower with bright look. Very large and fragrant.

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  LITTLE CHAMP (Holman) 16", S.Ev., M.                                                    $15.00

Tiny dark red miniature. Very intense color. Low growing. A classic favorite.

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  LITTLE RUFFLES (Crossman) 23”, D., M., 4”                                            $12.00

This pony-sized daylily is a blend of salmon and peach with small ruffles. Light rebloom here.

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  LOIS WOOD (Webster) 26”, S.Ev., M., 6” (T)                                             $18.00

Large and fragrant, melon blend with chartreuse throat.

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  LONA EATON MILLER (Kraus-Shilling) 17”, D., M., 3"                          $18.00

Small multiflora orange-yellow flower with very pale-violet midribs. Low growing. H.M. and Don Fisher Award for miniatures.

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  LOOK (Baker) 36”, D., M.L., 6 ½” (T)                                                        $12.00

Standout, wide petalled, heavily ruffled golden-yellow flower with green throat. Marvelously branched. Tall. Blooms in August with extending blooming.

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  LOOK AWAY (Sellers) 30”, S.Ev., M., 7½” (T)                                         $18.00

Very large, brown daylily with chocolate-brown eyezone. J.C. Award.

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  LOOK AWAY ROCKET (Rushing) 25”, D., E.M., 6 ½” (T)                        $15.00

Large, bright orange flower with brown eyezone and a green throat. Fragrant, blooms in June and then reblooms.

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  LOUISE MANELIS (Winniford) 18”, S.Ev., E., 3 ½”                                  $18.00

Lovely fine shrimp-pink pony-sized flower with apricot throat. Low growing. Early blooming, reblooms to extend the season. J.C. Award.

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  LUCRETIUS (Traub) 39”, Ev., M. (T)                                                          $18.00

Very large, cadmium-orange flower with faint reddish halo. Makes an exceptional color statement.

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  LUSCIOUS HONEYDEW (Baker, S.H.) 30”, D., M., 6 ½” (T)                   $12.00

Fragrant, large, glowing creamy-yellow flower flushed with pink. Fine green throat make this extended bloomer very special. It literally shines in the garden.

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  LUSTY LITTLE LULU (Bearce) 31” D., M.L., 4 ½” (T)                             $18.00

Medium melon-apricot flower with a yellow-green throat. Extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  MAGIC SAILS (Wild) 26”, D., M.L., 6 ½”                                                    $15.00

Light gold and melon-pink blend with gold heart.

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  MARY GUNTER X SPRING FANTASY (Russell) 36”, Ev., E.                    $18.00

Early blooming and tall red bicolor. Reblooms.

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 MARY KIRK (Peck) 29”, Ev., E.M.                                                                $15.00

Lovely shell-pink daylily with a chartreuse throat. Blooms June into July here.

  MATT (Harris) 20”, D., M., 5 ½” (T)                                                         $10.00

Heavily ruffled, flat yellow flower with bronze overlay and green throat. Refined round form with wide petals and firm substance. Low growing and extended blooming. 

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  MELON EXTRACT (Sobek) 30", D., M.L. to L., 3 ⅔”                                $18.00

Small, strong orange melon flower with small green throat. Nice form and substance. Very good bud count. Excellent addition to the late garden. 

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 MERINDA (Smith, S.P.) 30”, S.Ev., M., 5 ½” (T)                                          $18.00

Unusual, mandarin-orange blend with a gold throat. Extended blooming.

 MEXICAN WAY (Reckamp) 30”, S.Ev., M.L., 6” (T)                                     $15.00

Pretty tangerine-pink blend. Large with a soft smooth look. Extended blooming. Reblooms.

 MIDDENDORFFII (Species) 22”, D., Ex.E.                                                     $12.00

Earliest daylily to bloom here. Small orange-yellow flowers. Beautiful upright low foliage. Very fine for edging. Sometimes reblooms. Known as the Amur daylily. Native to Russia, China, Korea and Japan.  

 MISS PEACH (Pride) 30”, D., M., 5 ½” (T)                                                   $18.00

Beautifully ruffled and fluted peach. Fragrant. Flowers over a long period of time because of indeterminate budding, with as many a fourteen flowers to a spike and five flowers open at a time. Flowers on different length stems, giving a bush-like appearance. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1972.  

  MOKAN GOLD (Lenington) 32”, S.Ev., M., 6”                                            $18.00

Tall and large, handsome gold daylily.

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  MOKAN MOON (Lenington) 28”, S.Ev., M., 7” (T)                                    $10.00

Attention getting, large golden-yellow flower that opens flat. A standout in the garden. Extended blooming. J.C. and H. M. Awards.

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  MONARCH'S SECRET (Elliott) 24”, D., L., 6 ½”                                        $18.00

Intense poppy-red flower with lighter red halo above a bright-green throat. Fragrant and extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  MONROVIA GEM (Hawkinson) 32”, Ev., E.M., 5” (T)                                $15.00

Stunning tall orange with a brushed red-orange eyezone. Blooms in June and reblooms.

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  MONSTER (Pettus) 32”, D., M., 9” (T)                                                            $15.00

Huge and tall spider that is a yellow blend with faint mahogany brushing and edges and a green throat. Size and slight fragrance makes this massive daylily rather special.

Monster.jpg (5552 bytes)
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  MORDECIA (Moldovan) 26” D., M. (T)                                                     $18.00

Vigorous, strong red with green-yellow throat. Increases well. 

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  MRS. DAVID HALL (Kraus) 30”, D., M.                                                    $18.00

Sharp, rich mahogany-red eyezone contrasting with melon background. Eye catching.

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  MUNCHKIN MOON (Hudson) 16”, Ev., E.M., 2 ¾ ”                                $18.00

Miniature of butter yellow and gold blend with green throat. Low growing. Reblooms. J.C. and H.M. Awards.

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  MY SECRET HEART (Elliott) 22”, S.Ev., M.L. 7”                                       $18.00

Tangerine flower with near-white eyezone. Fragrant and extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  MYSTIC MOOD (Fay-Russell) 12", D., M.L, 5"                                          $18.00

Creamy melon blend with ivory midrib and green throat for the August garden. Low growing. J.C. and H.M. Awards.

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  NAOMI RUTH (Taylor) 30”, D., M., 3 ½”                                                   $10.00

Small flowered, round and ruffled, apricot-pink flower. H.M. Award.

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  NASHVILLE (Claar) 39”, D., M.                                                                   $12.00

Pretty triangular-shaped. flat-opening clear yellow with orange red eyezone.

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  NEVERMORE (Wheeler) 40", Ev., E.                                                        $18.00

Tall, early blooming, deep blackish-red spider-like daylily. Fragrant and reblooms. 

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  NINA JANE (Taylor) 29”, D., M., 5 ½”                                                        $15.00

Cream and brown blend with a cream throat. Unusual soft color. 

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  OH JOY (Lyell) 38", D., M.                                                                            $15.00

Fine tall, clear orange with good size and star-like form.

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  OKLAHOMA BOUQUET (Kraus-Shilling) 21", D., M.La., 2 ½"              $12.00

Pale orange yellow miniature that blooms in the August garden. Low growing.

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  OODLES (Joiner) 24”, D., M., 4 ½”                                                            $12.00

Excellent, showy rose-pink double with melon green throat. Good sized, flowers and flaring center doubling. Reblooms.

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  OPHIR (Farr) 50”, S.Ev., M.                                                                         $15.00

Very tall, orange-yellow star-shaped daylily. Fragrant and extended
blooming. Reblooms.

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  ORANGE BOWL (McEwen) 28”, D., Ex.E. 5 ¾” (T)                                   $12.00

Clear bright orange with wide petals. Lightly ruffled and very round form. Fragrant and extended blooming. Reblooms. A beauty with very early bloom.

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  ORANGE PRELUDE (McEwen) 28”, D., Ex.E., 6” (T)                                 $12.00

Bright tangerine-orange flower with good substance proclaims the early daylily season. Large with mild fragrance and high bud count. Extended blooming.

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  ORANGE ROSETTE (Joiner) 28”, D., M., 5”                                                 $12.00

Glowing, pale orange-melon flower with flaring center doubling and green throat.

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  ORANGE SLICE (Roberts) 30”, D., M., 6”                                                   $18.00

Large, orange flower with yellow midribs. Fragrant.

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  ORANGEMAN (Yeld) 24”, D., Ex.E.                                                              $12.00

Extra early blooming bright orange, star-shaped flower. Brightens the early garden. Extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  ORCHARD SPRITE (Millikan, B.) 24”, D., M., 5 ½” (T)                            $12.00

Fragrant, nicely formed deep apricot pink. Large flower, excellent foliage and habit. J. C. Award.

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  OUACHITA BEAUTY (Pitard) 36", Ev., E.M.                                              $18.00

Large and tall, pretty pink-orchid pastel polychrome spider with orchid halo. Unusual. Extended blooming. Reblooms.

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 OUTRAGEOUS (Stevens) 22”, D., M., 4 ½”(T)                                           $15.00

Wild and startling, large mahogany red bull’s eye and throat. Light-burnt orange outer petals that are lightly recurved. Fragrant.

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  PAINTED LADY (Russell) 36”, Ev., M.                                                       $12.00

Tall and very large cinnamon-orange washed gold polychrome
with darker veins in petals and sepals. Spider like, extended blooming
and reblooms. A.M. and Stout Medal awards.

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  PAPRIKA VELVET (Hardy) 24”, D., M., 4 ½” (T)                                        $10.00

Bright paprika-red shade that stands out at a distance. This small
flower is vigorous and a heavy bloomer. Extended blooming.
H.M. Award.

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  PATTI NEYLAND (Sholar) 26”, D., M., 2 ¾”                                               $10.00

Lovely, well branched light persimmon-orange miniature with chartreuse throat. Color resembles scoops of frosty-peach sherbet. Reblooms.

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  PEACH FAIRY (Viette) 26”, D., E.M., 2 ½”                                                  $18.00

Excellent, ruffled soft pink-melon miniature with crisp texture
and a green throat. A special glow. H.M. Award.

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  PEACH PINWHEEL (Hall) 26”, D., M.L., 7 ½”                                             $18.00

Enormous, iridescent peach and cream-pink blend with glowing
apricot throat for the August garden. Faint fragrance.

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  PEACH RIPPLES (Roycroft) 26", D, E.M., 5"                                               $18.00

Very pretty pale peach-pink self with a green throat. Reblooms.

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  PETER PAN (Stevens) 23”, D., E.M., 3 ½”                                              $12.00

Tiny, bright red miniature brings spark and contrasts to the early garden. An early pleasure. 


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  PICTURE (Lester) 40", D., E.M.                                                                   $15.00

Tall orange-red daylily with spider-like form and a yellow-green throat. A.M. and H.M. Awards.


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  PICTURE HAT (Reckamp) 24”, D., E.M., 5 ½” (T)                                   $15.00

Beautiful, wide-petalled peach-pink blend for the June garden. Good size and flat form.


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  PIXIE PARASOL (Hudson) 14”, S.Ev., E.M., 2 ¼”                                     $10.00

Cute, apricot-peach-pink miniature with a green throat. Low growing. Blooms in June and reblooms. J.C. Award.


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  PIZZA (Warner) 29”, D., E., 2 ½”                                                     $12.00

Beautifully formed, golden-yellow miniature. Excellent branching and clean compact foliage. Long bloom season that goes through July. Tops.


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  PLEATED GOWN (Peck) 28”, D., M., 6” (T)                                              $18.00

Large, pink polychrome with light gold overlay, prominent pleated gold margins and green-yellow throat. H.M. Award.


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  POLKA TIME (Hardy) 26”, D., M., 5” (T)                                                 $15.00

Shining, burnt-orange flower with burgundy-brown eyezone. Extended blooming. H.M. Award.


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  POSTSCRIPT (Hall) 27”, D., L., 6 ½”                                                       $15.00

Well branched scapes of large, apricot-red flowers stand out in the late garden.


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  PRAIRIE CHARMER (Marsh) 20”, D., E.M., 6”                                            $10.00

Popular, large ruffled pinkish-melon flower with wide bright purple halo and green Low growing and reblooms. H.M. and A.M. Awards.


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  PRAIRIE SUNSET (Wild) 36”, D., E.M., 5”                                                  $15.00

Tall yellow daylily with pink midribs for the June garden.


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  PREVIEW PARTY (Pride) 25”, D., E., 6” (T)                                                 $10.00

Burgundy eyezone on burnished gold daylily. Large and lightly ruffled. Brings eyed varieties into the early garden. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1984.


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  PRIDES CROSSING (Pride) 32", D., M., 7" (T)                                           $12.00

Large and tall, superb flowers of soft-peach apricot and yellow with a fine green throat. Precisely ruffled petals have a pale-violet midrib that deepens in color during the day. Reblooms. J.C. and H.M. Awards. Introcuced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1977.


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  PRISSY PETTICOAT (Joiner) 29”, D., M., 4 ½”                                          $18.00

Small, flesh-pink double with green throat. 

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  PUPPET SHOW (Moldovan) 26", D., E, 4" (T)                                         $15.00

Pony-sized, ruffled cream, yellow and melon blend with pink wash and small yellow-green throat. Fragrant. Blooms early and reblooms for us. 

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  QUEEN ELEANOR (Peck) 34”, D., M. (T)                                                 $12.00

Tall, shell-pink flower with lavender midribs and green throat.
Fine quality extended bloomer. Reblooms. 

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  QUEEN OF GONZALES (Russell) 36”, Ev., Ex.E., 5"                                   $15.00

Extra early, large and tall, brilliant orange with very heavy
substance. Extended blooming. Needs winter mulch here. 

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  RARE CHINA (Hall) 38”, D., M., 6"                                                           $15.00

Superior, tall and large brushed rose flower overlaid on yellow base
with large flaring green throat that extends far out into the petals.
Diamond dusted. Top quality. A.M. Award.

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  REAL WIND (Wild) 27”, D., M.L., 6 ½” (T)                                            $15.00

Special, large, light orange with striking rose halo and gold throat
for the August garden. Very round form. J. C. and H.M. Award.

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  RED RANGER (Webster) 24”, D., M., 6” (T)                                           $15.00

Large, orange-red flower with a yellow- green throat, wide petals
and full form. Heavy substance. J.C. Award.

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  RICHARD (Norton) 48”, D., L. to V.L.                                                      $15.00

This tall, medium-orange spider flower is exceptional for its late season
of bloom, starting in August and continuing into October.

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  RINGALING (Saxton) 16", D., E.M., 3"                                                    $18.00

Dainty looking maize and saffron-yellow bitone with a tyrian-purple halo above a green throat.  Fragrant and extended blooming.

Ringaling.jpg (4717 bytes)
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  ROCKET CITY (Hardy) 36”, D., E.M., 6” (T)                                           $10.00

Large and tall, bittersweet orange with prominent orange eyezone.
Color flows across the garden. Spectacular clump with unusual
triangular form. Extended blooming. H.M. Award.

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  RUFFLED APRICOT (Baker) 28”, D., E.M., 7” (T)                                   $10.00

Enormous, wide-petalled apricot with lavender-pink midribs and
brilliant apricot throat. Heavily ruffled. Fragrant and extended
blooming. A classic. H. M. and Stout Medal Awards.

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  RUFFLED FURY (Webster) 28”, D., M., 7” (T)                                      $18.00

Large and fragrant, orange-red daylily with chartreuse throat.

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  SANDRA JEAN (Barth) 22", D., M.L., 6" (T)                                            $12.00

Large, glowing apricot with heavy corduroy texture.  Low growing and colorful at the front of the August border.  Extended blooming. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1985.

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  SANDY (Pumphrey) 30", S.Ev., E.M.                                                       $18.00

Yellow daylily with cinnamon blush and yellow throat. 

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  SARATOGA PEACH (Saxton) 26", D., M., 5"                                             $10.00

Peach pink daylily with a salmon flush and a deeper eyezone and
green-gold throat. Ruffled and flat opening. 

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  SARATOGA SPRINGTIME (Saxton) 24", D., Ex.E., 6" (T)                      $18.00

Fragrant, orange flower with red halo and golden-orange throat.
Very early blooming. 

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  SEASIDE DANCER (Elliot) 22”, S.Ev., E.M., 3”                                            $15.00

Peach-pink miniature daylily with a tangerine-coral band above dark olive
throat. Very fragrant and extended blooming. Reblooms. 

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  SHANGO (Weston, J.) 29", S.Ev., E.M., 5" (T)                                            $15.00

Russet orange-pink polychrome with yellow-green throat. 

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  SHEEPSCOT VALLEY SUNUP (Barth, N.) 32", D., M.L. (T)                   $18.00

Very large, open, golden-orange self with a dusted cinnamon-red halo over a small green throat. Blooms in the August garden. Shows off its Sparkling Orange parentage.

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  SHEEPSCOT VALLEY TOPPER (Barth, N) 34", D., M.L., 7 ¾”             $18.00

Very large flower of rose red with a deep yellow to pale green throat. This tall late summer TET has a good substance with a strong lacquered appearance to the bloom. Good bud count with blooms carried near the top of the scape. Slight bud-builder. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 2003.

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  SHERWOOD CHEER (Rogers, A.) 32", D., E., 5 ½”                                     $18.00

Early blooming, rose-orange blend with a large green throat.

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  SHERWOOD SWEET OLIVIA (Rogers-Turnbow) 25", D., E.M., 4 ¾”       $18.00

Small melon daylily with blushed rose castings and green throat.
Blooms in the late June garden and then reblooms. 

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  SHOLA (Hankins) 28", D., M., 8" (T)                                        $12.00

Huge, burnished copper-bronze with ruffled yellow edging, pale yellow center and very heavy substance.  Extended blooming.  Reblooms. 

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   SIENNA DUSK (Elliot) 23”, S.Ev., L., 5 ½”                                         $15.00

Late blooming, bright copper flower with a red eyezone. Fragrant
and extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  SIGUDILLA (Griesbach) 22", D., M.L., 5" (T)                               $18.00

Shimmering, deep velvety red of top quality. Standout for form and showiness in the August garden.

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   SILOAM LITTLE GIRL (Henry) 18”, D., M., 3 ¾”                                       $18.00

Small, well branched shrimp-pink flower with rose eyezone and green
throat. A rebloomer that gets attention here. Low growing. H.M. Award.

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   SILOAM NUGGET (Henry) 20”, D., E.M., 5”                                           $18.00

Brilliant orange-gold flower with marvelous color clarity. Round flat
form and green throat. Low growing and extended blooming. Reblooms.
H.M. Award.

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   SILOAM SHOCKER (Henry) 28”, D., M., 3 ¾”                             $18.00

Small pink daylily with shocking red eyezone and green throat.
Extended blooming.

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   SILOAM SUGAR TIME (Henry) 20”, D., M., 2 ⅞”                         $12.00

Ruffled light apricot flower with burgundy eyezone and green
throat. Fragrant and reblooms lightly. J.C. Award.

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   SKIATOOK CARDINAL (Hancock) 28", D., M.                         $18.00

Red spider-like daylily with darker red eyezone and yellow throat.   Segments ar twisted and recurved.  Extended blooming.

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  SMOKE RINGS (Webster) 22”, D., M., 6” (T)                                       $18.00

Melon-pink flower with deep purple eyezone and chartreuse throat. Fragrant.

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  SO MUCH MORE (Stevens) 28”, D., M., 6” (T)                                        $18.00

Soft orange blend with lavender midribs and gold throat.  

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  SOLAR POWER (Gates) 34”, S.Ev., E., 7” (T)                                        $18.00

Dark orange flower with a yellow-green throat. Fragrant and reblooms.  

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  SOMETHING ELSE (Pride) 28”, D., M.L., 6 ½” (T)                             $12.00

Showy, large golden-orange daylily with lightly contrasting large brownish- purple eyezone and orange throat. Quite unusual. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.

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  SOUTH SEAS (Moldovan) 30", D., M., 5 ½” (T)                           $15.00

Tangerine-coral flower with a red-coral band above a yellow-green throat. Nocturnal, fragrant and reblooms.  

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  SOUTHERN CROSS (Smith) 32", S.Ev., E.M., 6" (T)                     $15.00

Beautiful, pastel creamy-pink blend with small yellow-green throat. Showy, round and fine texture. Extended blooming. 

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  SPARKLING ORANGE (Barth) 34", D., E.M., 6" (T)                   $10.00

This super daylily is a huge glistening, diamond-dusted brilliant orange with very wide petals.  Fragrant and extended blooming.  Nocturnal.  Top quality. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1984.

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  SPICE CAKE (Lambert) 34", D., E.M., 6"                                 $12.00

Chocolate stippling spills out of chocolate-maroon eyezone over rosy tan petals. Unusual color reminiscent of name. Extended blooming. Reblooms lightly.

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  SUN GLORY (Christenson, V.) 35", D., E., 4 ½"                                $18.00

Tall and early bright orange daylily of medium size.

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  SUN SOUFFLE (Gates) 22”, S.Ev., E.M., 5” (T)                                 $12.00

Round and ruffled, burnished amber flower with a green throat. Fragrant and reblooms. J.C. Award.

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  SUN'S EYE (Kirchoff) 32”, S.Ev., E.M., 5” (T)                                    $12.00

Fragrant apricot and yellow blend with a green-yellow heart. Reblooms.
J.C and H.M. Awards.

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  SUN SINGER (Barth) 32", D., M.L., 7" (T)                               $18.00

Unique coral-pink blend with darker eyezone and pinkish-orange throat draws immediate attention to this very large beautifully formed tetraploid daylily. A favorite here. Extended blooming Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1978.

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  SUNSET ECHOES (Grisebach) 21”, D., M.L., 5 ½” (T)                               $18.00

Ruffled, glowing peach daylily with fine round form.

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  SUPER DOLL (Joiner) 20”, S.Ev., E., 3 ¾”                                    $18.00

Fragrant apricot daylily with a green throat. Reblooms.

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  SUPER STELLA (Jablonski) 14”, D., M., 2½”                                            $12.00

Tiny pale-yellow flower with green throat. Extended blooming.

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  SWAMP YANKEE (Hathaway) 34”, D., L., 6” (T)                                      $15.00

Large, bright gold which extends the season by starting late and sending up repeated scapes until a hard frost. Extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  TALLYMAN (Moldovan) 30", D., M., 7" (T)                                           $18.00

Large, ruffled, dark coral-red blend with small green-yellow throat.  Fragrant.

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  THREE TIERS (Grooms) 24", D., M.L., 5 1/2"                                        $18.00

Golden orange with a distinct burnished eyezone gives this large double a rich copper look.   Heavily frilled center doubling.  One of the showiest of the doubles.

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  TIGER BUTTER (Pride) 30", D., E., 5" (T)                                                $15.00

Fragrant lemon-yellow flower with chocolate-brown dusting and a brownish-purple eyezone above a yellow throat. Very early in the season for a big flower.  Extended blooming.  Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.

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  TINKER BELL (Stevens) 30”, D., E.M., 2 ½”                                           $10.00

Multiflora miniature of golden-orange bells on heavily branched
scapes. Very showy.

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  TINY STELLA (Jablonski) 10", D., Ex.E. to V.L.                                        $10.00

Petite light gold nocturnal with green throat.  Very low growing.  Perfect for pots or the front of the garden.    Reblooms.

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  TONE POEM (Pride) 29", D., M., 6 ½" (T)                                                 $12.00

Large, luscious, light polychrome blend of melon, apricot and lavender with a pale yellow throat. A landmark in daylily beauty. Fragrant. J.C. Award. Just beautiful.  Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.

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  TOREADOR'S CAPE (Saxton) 29", D., M., 5"  (T)                    $15.00

Chinese-red flower with slightly deeper flush in the center and gold-green throat.

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  TOUCHED  BY MIDAS (Winniford) 30”, Ev., E.M., 6” (T)                        $12.00

Large, extremely bright yellow with gold overcast and green throat.

Good substance. Extended blooming and nocturnal.

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  VIRACOCHA (Roberts) 25", S.Ev., E.M., 7" (T)                                        $12.00

Shimmering tangerine daylily with heavy substance and yellow-green throat.
Excellent bright showpiece. Fragrant. H.M. Award. 

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  WILD JOY (Claar-Parry) 34", D., L., 6"                                        $18.00

Large, pale peach-pink flower with showy heliotrope eyezone and pale-lavender midribs near the green-yellow throat. Unique color combination among the late bloomers. Extended blooming. 

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  WINDSOR TAN (Nesmith) 28", D., M.                                        $18.00

Large warm tan and buff flower. Petals are a soft brown, sepals are light yellow flushed sepia. Unique variety. H.M. Award. 

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  WINEMAKER (Norton) 28", Ev., V.La.                                        $18.00

Late blooming, orange red medium polychrome with halo. 

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  WISE CHOICE (Grooms) 18", D., E.M., 7"                                                   $12.00

Large, medium gold double.

  ZAGORA (Pride) 28", D., M., 5" (T)                                                             $12.00

Rich, deep amber and burnt orange flower with striking purple eyezone and prominent gold edge on all petals.  Absolutely unique and beautiful color combination.  Reblooms. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1982. 

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  ZELLA VIRGINIA (Kropf) 24 ", D., M., 5 ½"                                              $15.00

Melon-cantaloupe double with green throat. Fragrant and extended
blooming. H. M. Award. 

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owing orange, amber and melon flowered daylilies.  They will be available in future years: August Orange; Blue Happiness; Carolicollossal; Cherry Ice Cream; Creme Brulee; Dawn Ballet; Decatur Curtain Call; Double Cheerful; Double Ethel; Double Spiced; Duke Gardens; Earliana; Egyptian Spice; El Tigre; Esperanza; Fashion Trend; Hobbit; Judean Princess; Kind Comment; Kohinoor; Magic Wand; Mauna Loa; Mount Sinai; My Sunshine; Orange Bounty; Oriental Mist; ; Parade of Paradise; Pleated Gown; Pompeian Fantasy; Prussia; Rockets Bursting; Roseate Glow; Ruth Spofford; Sara Standard; Siloam June Bug; Siloam Rainbow; Siloam Ruby Christie; Smarty Pants; Smoke Rings; Sound and Fury; Sounds of Summer; Spellbinder; Summer Palace; Sun Singer; The Elephant; Timbuktu; Torrid; Touch of Erin; Tucker Ford; Tuscan Countryside; and Vermont Dimpled Cheeks.

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