Orange, Amber, Peach & Melon Flowered Daylilies

The daylilies with orange, amber, peach & melon flowers that are listed below are in good supply. We have smaller numbers of many other orange, amber, peach & melon flowered daylilies. We ship healthy double-fan divisions or clumps (4-5 fans), unless other-wise indicated. Occasionally, low stock varieties and some new introductions will be shipped as single fans. Our guarantee still applies.

Abbreviations used, in sequence:

4"  - Flower size

D. - Dormant (foliage goes totally brown in early winter)

Ex.E - Extra early blooming

M.L. - Late midseason

(CL) - 4-5 fans

S.Ev. - Semi-evergreen ( may retain a small portion of green foliage during winter)

E. - Early blooming

H. M. - Honorable Mention

(T) - Tetraploid

Ev. - Evergreen ( reacts the same as Semi-evergreen here in the North)

E.M. - Early midseason

J. C. - Junior Citation of American Hemerocallis Society

35" - Flower scape height

M. - Midseason

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  ADELA (Griesbach-Hardy) 26", D., E., 6" (T)                     $12.00

Lovely melon flower with pink tones that glows all day. Blooms early and reblooms. H.M. Award. 

Adela.jpg (4766 bytes)
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  AGNES SHUMATE (Griesbach-Hardy) 22", D., M., 5" (T)         $15.00

Outstanding wide-petalled, ruffled brilliant orange with extra heavy flower substance. 

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 ALABAMA JUBILEE (Webster) 30”, D., M., 7” (T)                      $18.00

Large and lightly fragrant, flourescent red-orange flower
with even brighter red halo and greenish throat

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 ALNILAM (Saxton) 28", Ev., Ex.E., 4"                                          $12.00

Small rich brown petals with contrasting bright orange sepals. A very early blooming bicolor with an unusual color combination

Alnilam.jpg (4623 bytes)
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  AMBERLAND ( Tucker) 34”, D., L., 6”                                          $18.00

Large yellow and russet polychrome with green throat. Nice late blooming nocturnal.


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  ANGEL BAND (Warner) 23”, D., M., 3 ⅛” (T)                              $18.00

Pony-sized, ruffled flower. A smooth tangerine color with red band over green throat. Colorful and well branched. Reblooms.

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 ANGHIARI (Elliott) 25”, D., M.L., 7 ½”                                           $18.00

Very large, striking copper daylily with a bold crimson eyezone. Fragrant and extended blooming. Reblooms

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  APRICOT (Yeld) 34”, D., Ex.E.                                                      $18.00

Slightly fragrant, orange yellow flowers with a yellow halo. One of the first to bloom at the nursery, often in May. Clumps beautifully. Reblooms.

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  ASIATIC PHEASANT (Knower) 22", D., M., 6" (T)                      $10.00

Exotic, russet yellow spider-like form with rolled petals and yellow-green throat.  Nice low growing attention grabber.  Fragrant and reblooms. 

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 AT EASE (Pride) 28", D., M., 6 ½" (T)                                          $12.00

A strikingly beautiful flower in an unusual shade of light tangerine with yellow-green throat. Large and fragrant. J.C. Award. Introduced by Tranquil lake Nursery in 1980.  

  AUGUST FLAME (Woods) 38", D., V.L., 5 ¼"                               $12.00

Large, flame-red flower with greenish throat. Tall. One of the latest to bloom, extending the season longer. 

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  AUTUMN MINARET (Stout) 66", S.Ev., M.L. to V.L.                   $12.00

Extra late blooming, very tall, yellow with faint red overlay.  Candelabra branching gives it a super bud count.  Fragrant altissima hybrid spider of medium size.   Extended blooming.  A welcome addition to the late garden. 

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  BAGGETTE (Russell) 30", D., E.M., 4 ½"                                       $15.00

Softly recurved, bi-tone blooms are rose-lavender and lemon yellow. The delicately riffled, rose-lavender petals have wide, cream midribs and pencil line edging, and slightly deeper lavender-wine eyezone, with the sepals being a slightly courtouroy-textured lemon-yellow color. Yellow-gold stamens emerge from a chartreuse heart that transitions upward into a large sunburst-gold throat. Extended blooming. AM and H.M. Awards.

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  BAMBI DOLL (Wild) 28”, D., E.M., 4”                                          $12.00

Beautiful, small, peach-pink pastel with a green throat. Heavy substance. H.M. and A.M. Awards.

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  BANDIT MAN (Stevens) 28", D., M., 5 ½" (T)                 $10.00

Light burnt orange with large red eyezone around a gold throat.  A brilliant attention grabber.   J.C.  Award.

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  BEAUTIFUL ONE (Terry) 34”, S.Ev., E.M., 5 ½”                           $18.00

Melon-pink daylily with a green throat. Blooms in late June with extended blooming. Reblooms. 

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  BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE (Maxwell) 30”, D., E., 8"                          $15.00

Huge light pink flushed with orchid and green throat. Early blooming. Top quality. 

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  BELLA MANELIS (Winniford) 22", S.Ev., L., 3 ¾"                        $12.00

Excellent, pony-sized apricot daylily. Low growing and late blooming. 

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  BELLE AMBER (Hudson) 18”, Ev., E.M., 2 ¾”                              $18.00

Amber-tan blend with chartreuse throat. Low growing miniature for late June. 

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  BEN KIRK (Barth) 36", D., M., 6" (T)                                          $10.00

Showy burgundy eyezone sets off this large orange flower.  Attracts immediate attention from a distance.  Tall, fragrant and extended blooming. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1985. 

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  BENGALEER (Peck) 36”, D., M., 7 ½” (T)                                  $18.00

Massive bright golden-yellow flower. Heavy bloomer with rebloom, giving an almost constant array of gorgeous flowers. Tall. 

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  BETH BARTH (Barth) 36", D., M.L., 6 ½" (T)                          $12.00

Large, showy wide-petalled yellow with striking peach overcast and contrasting pink midribs. Polychrome with excellent form and substance.  This is what a polychrome blend should look like.  Fragrant and extended blooming. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1987.

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  BIDING MY TIME (Sobek) 30 ", D., L., 4"                                   $25.00

This vibrant four inch polychrome flower will bring an exciting end to the summer garden. The beautiful melon background color is lightly infused with lavender and has a strong lavender midrib that gives this beauty an extra graceful pizzazz. At Tranquil Lake Nursery, this daylily has been drawing comments of exclamation since we began growing it. The scapes are well branched with twenty plus buds that yield a solid sequence of bloom into mid September. Opens well on those cool late summer nights

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  BIG SPENDER (Pride) 32", D., E.M., 7 ½" (T)                               $12.00

Large, brilliant golden orange with remarkably heavy substance. Splendid form and color. J.C. Award. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.

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  BIG WORLD (Hall) 40”, D., M.                                                         $15.00

Big, lovely deep apricot brushed with pink. Triangular form and deep green throat. Creped and ruffled. H. M. Award. 

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  BITTERSWEET HONEY (Viette) 28", D., M., 2 ¾"                     $12.00

Unique round and recurved, amber-rose blend with pale watermark above an olive throat.  Very showy, extremely heavily branched and multi-flowering. 

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  BLACK-EYED-STELLA (Roberson) 13”, D., E. to V.L., 3 ¼”       $10.00

Small yellow gold with red eyezone. Very long blooming and very floriferous. Attractive blue-green foliage. Nocturnal and extended blooming. Reblooms.  

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  BLACK EYED SUSAN (Stevens) 28", D., M., 5 ½" (T)            $10.00

Vivid canary yellow with striking red-purple eyezone.  Good bud count and branching.

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  BLAZING TORCH (Joiner) 24", D., M., 6" (T)                              $12.00

Large, glowing orange red with a brilliant gold throat.  Reblooms.

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  BRINDLE BEAUTY (Webster) 28", S.Ev., M., 5 ½” (T)              $12.00

Pretty fragrant rose with lavender eye.

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  BURNING DAYLIGHT (Fischer) 28", D., M.                                $15.00

Brilliant deep orange that is almost fluorescent.  Very fragrant with heavy substance. Extended blooming.   H.M. and A.M. Awards. 

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  CAPITOL DOME (Sass) 36”, D., M. (T)                                          $18.00

Large, very smooth orange-yellow flower with heavy substance. Tall with fine quality and fragrant. H.M. and A.M. Awards.

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  CAROLICOLOSSAL (Powell) 36”, S.Ev., E. to E.M., 10”               $18.00

Enormous muted orangy yellow self with green throat. Wide open-spider form with light fragrance. One of the largest flowered daylilies we grow. Nocturnal and reblooms.

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 CARPENTER SHAVINGS (Kropf) 21" D., M., 4"                            $15.00

Reddish mahogany double with darker red eyezone and deep yellow throat. Low growing. Fragrant and reblooms.

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  CENTERPIECE (Webster) 26", D., M., 6 ½" (T)                        $12.00

Large, vivid orange-yellow with contrasting deep-purple
eyezone. Outstanding and fragrant.  

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 CHAMPAGNE FLIGHT (Pride) 27", D., M.L., 5" (T)            $18.00

Beautifully formed peach and pale lemon bitone with pale-yellow throat. Fragrant.  Quality written all over it. J.C. Award. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1982.  

 CHARM SCHOOL (Pride) 24", D., M., 5 ½" (T)                           $18.00

Beautifully ruffled, soft-yellow polychrome blend with an attractive rich green throat.  Full flowers and nice branching.  Fragrant.  J.C. Award. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.  

  CHICAGO GOLD COAST (Marsh) 24", S.Ev., M., 6" (T)              $18.00

Deep-gold flower with green throat.  Reblooms.

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  CHICAGO MAID (Marsh) 24", S.Ev., M., 5 3/4" (T)                  $15.00

A soft melon with an attractive light-red eyezone above a cream-green throat.   Reblooms. 

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  CHICAGO SALMON (Marsh) 29”, S.Ev., M., 6”                           $18.00

Large salmon-pink flower with green throat.

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  CHICAGO SILKY (Marsh) 25”, S.Ev., M., 5 ½” (T)                  $18.00

Coral pink self with green throat. H.M. Award. Reblooms.

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  CHICAGO SUNRISE (Marsh) 28", S.Ev., M., 6"                        $10.00

Neat ruffles and heavy substance set off a glowing gold flower with green throat.  Great foliage.   Reblooms.

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  CHILD BRIDE (Warner) 18”, D., ExE., 3 ½” (T)                          $15.00

Bright orange-yellow flower of medium size. Unique feature is fantastic branching producing a mass of blooms. Low growing and very early blooming with extended blooming. Reblooms

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  CINNAMON ROLL (Roberts) 30”, D., M., 5”                                 $10.00

Bright butter-yellow flower with edges brushed with cinnamon red and faint cinnamon eyezone.  Slightly fragrant.  H.M. Award.

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  CLASSIC CAPER (Stevens) 30", D., M., 5" (T)                               $15.00

Smooth, salmon pink with large contrasting garnet-red eye.  Vigorous habitat adds to the assets of this terrific performer. 

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  COMMANDMENT (Reckamp) 30”, D., M., 6 ½” (T)                    $18.00

Large, bright pinkish orange blend with a green throat. Extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  COMMON SENSE (Yancey) 22", D., M., 5"                                   $15.00

Bright orange-gold double with green throat.  Reblooms.  H.M. Award.

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  CORAL CRAB (Douglas) 32”, S.Ev., M.                                          $18.00

Tall coral pink spider with red eyezone and green throat.

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  CORAL SPARKLER (Martin) 25", D., E.M., 2 ¾"                      $10.00

Coral-pink miniature with a deeper eyezone and tangerine throat for the late June garden.

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  COUNTESS CARROTS (Hudson) 15", D., E.M., 2 ½"               $10.00

Tiny and cute, bright orange miniature with a chartreuse throat. Long bloom season and a high bud count. Exceptionally good tasting for salads or deserts. Low growing and works well for the front of the garden or a container. 

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  CROWN FIRE (Himottu) 40”, D., M.L., 5” (T)                              $18.00

Bright, copper red with an inner glow and a lacquered look. Ruffled petals with small white margins and sharply contrasting white midribs. J.C. Award. 

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  CURTSY (Moldovan) 24”, D., M., 4” (T)                                      $18.00

Pony-size apricot blend with deeper orange throat. Reblooms.

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  DAINTY DANCER (Hudson) 13", D., E.M., 2 ¾"                       $12.00

Small, cream-yellow blend with pink highlights and a sharp coral-lime throat.  Great for rock gardens, pots or the front of the border.  Reblooms.

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  DAVIDSON UPDATE (Carpenter) 22", D., M., 6 ½" (T)            $15.00

Deep apricot blend with green throat.  Fragrant extended bloomer.  Reblooms.   J.C. Award.  

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  DAYDREAMER (Moldovan) 26”, D., E.M., 6” (T)                        $18.00

Large, cream-apricot blend with green-yellow throat. Starts blooming in mid-June with extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  DECATUR BULLION (Davidson) 30”, D., M.L., 6 ½” (T)          $18.00

Large brilliant orange-gold flower with multiple branching. A show stopper for size and color in the August garden. Fragrant extended bloomer. Reblooms.

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  DECATUR FIFTIETH (Davidson) 30", D., M.L., 5 ½" (T)          $15.00

Bright orange-gold flower that is ruffled and lightly recurved.  Extended blooming.

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  DECATUR GLEAM (Davidson) 28”, D., M., 5 ½” (T)                  $12.00

Wide ruffled petals of brilliant orange-gold. Excellent daylily that is heavily branched and reblooms. Extended blooming

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  DECATUR IMP (Davidson) 26”, S.Ev., M., 3 ½”                           $12.00

Showy medium yellow with red eyezone and yellow throat. Extended blooming

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  DECATUR PINK FAIRY (Davidson) 28”, D., M., 3”                       $12.00

Marvelous, ruffled miniature of salmon pink. Nice color. Extended blooming. 

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  DECATUR STYLISH (Davidson) 28”, D., M.L., 6 ¼” (T)              $15.00

Piecrust edged, large cantaloupe-melon flower for the August garden. Extended blooming. 

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  DECATUR TREASURE CHEST (Davidson-Kloman) 30", D., E.M.,

                                                                                     7 " (T)              $12.00

Big size and bold color make this amber-bronze bitone a true stand out. The appeal is enhanced by a rust halo over yellow throat. 

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  DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY (Childs) 32", D., E.M., 6 ½"               $12.00

Large, tall peach-pink blend with faint red halo above a very green throat. Impressive form and size. Fragrant and extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  DINKUM AUSSIE (Smith) 32", S.Ev., M., 6 ½" (T)                     $12 .00

Large, heavily textured, golden yellow with orange-green throat. Long bloom season and excellent dark green foliage. Extended blooming.

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  DO IT AGAIN (Miles) 30", D., M.L., 4 ½"                                       $12.00

Bright, clear glowing-orange double daylily of moderate size.  Pretty compact doubling form.  Faint fragrance.

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  DORIS CAREY (Bennett) 42”, D., M.L., 9” (T)                               $18.00

Very large and tall, rose self with peach tones showing over a green throat. Good color for its season. Very fragrant. H. M. Award. 

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  DOT PAUL (Joiner) 26”, D., M., 6” (T)                                           $18.00

Large peach self with deep melon throat.

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  DOUBLE BOURBON (McEwen) 28”, D., E.M. to L., 4 ½”            $15.00

Rich mahogany brown with yellow midribs and very symmetrical ruffling and doubling. Unique. Extended blooming. Reblooms. H.M. Award.

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  DOUBLE CORSAGE (Childs) 28”, D., M., 6”                                    $12.00

Large raspberry-pink double with deeper rose-eyezone. Fine color and form. Reblooms.

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  DOUBLE DIPPITY DO (Miles) 34”, D., M., 6”                                $15.00

Gold double with maroon eyezone and green throat. Large and extended blooming.

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  DOUBLE DIVIDEND (Childs) 28”, D., E.M., 6”                              $18.00

Large, deep gold double daylily. Very fragrant and extended
blooming. Reblooms.

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  DOUBLE DIXIE (Kropf) 30", D., M.L., 4 ½”                                  $15.00

Gold double with cinnamon eyezone and gold throat.

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  DOUBLE DOODLER (Miles) 30”, D., M., 4”                                    $15.00

Brilliant red-edged orange flower. Extended blooming.

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  DOUBLE FLARING PINK (Miles) 35”, S.Ev., M., 5”                       $12.00

Tall shrimp-pink double with small gold throat.

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  DOUBLE GOLD (Stamile) 26", E., E.M., 5 ¾"                                $15.00

Big, honey gold double with full center.

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  DOUBLE IT (Miles) 34”, D., M., 7”                                                 $18.00

Very large, pretty gold daylily with center doubling. Tall and extended blooming

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  DOUBLE KLONDIKE (Miles) 32”, S.Ev., M., 4”                             $18.00

Medium sized double flowered gold daylily. Tall. Extended blooming

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  DOUBLE MEANING (Grooms) 24", D, M.L.                                  $18.00

Fragrant, very full heavy substanced coral and tan bitone. Quite special in the August garden

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  DOUBLE MEDALLION (Miles) 30”, D., M., 5”                                $12.00

Soft yellow-gold flower with center doubling. Extended blooming.

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  DOUBLE MISTY DAWN (Kropf) 28”, D., M., 5 ½”                        $12.00

Ruffled melon-peach double with cinnamon-red eyezone and green throat. Heavy layering and center doubling. Fragrant and reblooms.

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  DOUBLE PEACH (Miles) 27”, D., M.L., 5"                                        $18.00

Impressive large yellow with overlay of cinnamon. Very showy in the August garden.

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  DOUBLE PERSIMMON (Durio) 26”, D., E.M., 4 ¾” (T)               $15.00

Persimmon double with Chinese-red eyezone and green-gold throat. Fragrant. Blooms in late June.

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  DOUBLE TULIP (Miles) 30", D., M.L., 4"                                     $15.00

Vibrant orange red with distinctive double tulip form. Blooms late July into August.

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  DOUBLOON (Nesmith) 40", D., M.                                             $12.00

Deep orange-yellow spider-like flower of good size and quality.

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  DOWAGER QUEEN (Barrere) 26", D., M., 6 ½" (T)                      $12.00

Large, glowing peach-apricot pastel blend with neatly ruffled margin and yellow-green throat. Very fine glistening color.  Fragrant and nocturnal.

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  DUCAT (Dennett) 36", D., M.                                                       $18.00

Fine large soft orange with unusual square ended petals. Spider-like.  Fine tall garden variety.  Reblooms. 

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  DUMORTIERI (Species) 28", D., Ex.E., 4"                                    $12.00

Star-shaped, golden-yellow flower with unusual red-brown color on underside of sepals. The red buds are distinctive. Very fragrant. Foliage is blue green and spikey.

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  EASTER SUNDAY (Hite) 25”, D., E.M., 6 ½” (T)                          $12.00

Fragrant, large gold self with green throat for the late June garden. Ruffled.

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  ELFIN KNIGHT (Peck) 24", D., M., 5" (T)                                   $10.00

Superb blend of pink and apricot with glittering diamond dusting.  Fine low grower that reblooms.  H.M. Award.

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  ELIZABETH (Norton) 36”, D., Ex.E., 5”                                         $12.00

The first daylily to bloom here. Very fragrant golden yellow. Charming tall and old fashioned daylily with extended bloom.

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  EMILY BROWN (Russell) 36”, D., E., 5 ½”                                   $18.00

Brilliant glowing orange for the early garden. Tall and very large
flower with fantastic six way branching

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  EMILY OLSON (Bennett) 30", D., M.L., 7" (T)                            $15.00

Abundant bloom glow on the peach bitone with cream peach tinted sepals and green throat

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  ENCHANTED EYES (Himottu) 30", D., E.M., 4 ⅝"                       $12.00

Striking sharp reddish-purple eyezone over a deep orangy-melon background and green-yellow throat sets off this flower in the garden.  Long bloom season. 

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  ETCHED IN GOLD (Peck) 20", D., E.M., 5" (T)                              $18.00

Unusual, primrose yellow and pink pastel with showy frilled gold edging and green throat. Simply beautiful. H.M. Award.

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  ETHEL SHEPHERD (Barth) 30", D., M., 6"                                  $12.00

Large, wide-petalled, gold-peach flower. Heavily ruffled with prominent pink-lavender midribs.   Magnificently branched nocturnal.  Top quality. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.

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  ETHEL BARFIELD SMITH (Hayward) 30”, D., E.M., 6”               $12.00

Heavily ruffled and crinkled buff yellow with light burgundy eyezone and green-gold throat. Stunning, flat opening flower with very wide petals. Nocturnal, fragrant and reblooms. J.C. and H.M. Awards.

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  FAIR ANNET (Peck) 26”, D., M., 6” (T)                                         $18.00

Coral-pink blend edged in gold with a fine green throat. Reblooms. H.M. Award.

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  FAIRY TALE PINK (Pierce) 24”, S.Ev., M., 5 ½”                        $18.00

Outstanding, ruffled pink-melon flower with a green throat. Known for its rich color, excellent form and consistent performance. Reblooms. H.M., A.M. and Stout Medal Awards.

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  FAITH KIPP BROWN (Woods) 26", S.Ev., M.L., 5 ½"               $15.00

Unique, rainbow colored, pastel buff-yellow flower with pink edging and yellow tips over a very green throat and green eyezone.  Sepals are pink with yellow tips.  Extraordinary candelabra branching for a long season of bloom.  Extended blooming.

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  FAWN (Warner) 20", D., E., 2 ½"                                               $15.00

Unusual golden-brown miniature with soft-yellow throat.  Heavy bloom with a long bloom season.   Nocturnal and reblooms.

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  FINLANDIA GOLD (Savolainen) 30", D., M.L., 6 ½" (T)               $12.00

Stately, strong yellow-orange flower with curled and slightly pinched petals which are broadly ruffled. Small yellow-green throat. Excellent robust crisp substance that withstands the hot sun. Vigorous and well branched with high bud count. Extended blooming.   J. C. Award.

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  FINLANDIA SUNRISE (Savolainen) 30", D., M., 6 ¾" (T)            $12.00

Distinctive, large size and wide ruffled petals gives this glowing coral blend a marvelous look. A true standout of unique color.  Extended blooming. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1984.

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  FOOLED ME (Reilly-Hein) 24", D., E.M., 5 ½” (T)                     $15.00

Golden yellow daylily with red edge and a deep red eyezone and green throat. Extended blooming. Stout Medal, HM and AM Awards.

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  FOREVER STELLA (Jablonski) 14", D., Ex.E to V.L., 2 ½"     $10.00

Child of Stella de Oro that is even more floriferous, if that can be pictured. Fragrant yellow-gold nocturnal rebloomer.   Perfect in pots or the front of the border.

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   FORECAST (Hardy) 34", S.Ev., M., 5" (T)                                    $15.00

Bright orange yellow with wide petals.  Very tailored form on this tall extended bloomer.  H.M. Award. 

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  FORTY-NINER (Ferrick) 36”, D., M. (T)                                           $15.00

Very large brilliant golden yellow with overlapping fluted petals. Fine display with its bright color and large size on tall scapes.

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  FULVOUS BRUSHMAN (Sobek) 39", D., L., 5 ¾"                     $20.00

A wonderful addition to the late garden scene. Though it resembles the H. fulva species daylily that marks the beginning of summer for some, this hybrid is far on the other end of the season. With its narrow bright orange segments, each with an orange-red eye and yellow midrib, these flowers shine in the autumn sun. Each scape carries 28 buds and can bloom for five weeks or more in the garden. Not special for color or flower form, but special for its season extension and endurance of color on cool fall nights. It sparkles morning after morning until the end of September. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 2006

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We are building stock on the following orange, amber and melon flowered daylilies.  They will be available in future years:August Orange; Blue Happiness; Carolicollossal; Cherry Ice Cream; Creme Brulee; Dawn Ballet; Decatur Curtain Call; Double Cheerful; Double Ethel; Double Spiced; Duke Gardens; Earliana; Egyptian Spice; El Tigre; Esperanza; Fashion Trend; Hobbit; Judean Princess; Kind Comment; Kohinoor; Magic Wand; Mauna Loa; Mount Sinai; My Sunshine; Orange Bounty; Oriental Mist; ; Parade of Paradise; Pleated Gown; Pompeian Fantasy; Prussia; Rockets Bursting; Roseate Glow; Ruth Spofford; Sara Standard; Siloam June Bug; Siloam Rainbow; Siloam Ruby Christie; Smarty Pants; Smoke Rings; Sound and Fury; Sounds of Summer; Spellbinder; Summer Palace; Sun Singer; The Elephant; Timbuktu; Torrid; Touch of Erin; Tucker Ford; Tuscan Countryside; and Vermont Dimpled Cheeks.

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