Japanese Iris 2019

These spectacular flowers are so diverse and the color interplay so exotic that they challenge verbal descriptions. Blooming the beginning of July, Japanese Iris heighten the tempo in the garden setting. Japanese Iris need an acid soil, rich in organic matter, reliable moisture and benefit from light shade. They make a smashing quartet when planted with Astilbe, Hosta and Filipendula. Note the Japanese iris bloom season on your calendar and visit us to celebrate a symphony of bloom.


Japanese Iris can be planted in early spring or fall. However, we recommend spring shipments only, to our customers in the northern tier of states. Since our New England climate does not allow us to dig much earlier than mid-April, we recommend fall planting for most warmer climates. Northern gardeners can also plant in the fall. We will ship plants to you in early September so that they will have two to three months to become fully established before winter. We dig good-sized divisions (triple fan or larger).



We dig good-sized divisions (triple fan or larger).

Abbreviations and Definitions used, in Descriptions:


    • -- S - Single flower form, 3 large, wide petals
    • -- D. - Double flowers have six petals
      -- 48" - Flower stalk height 

    -- 6" - Flower Size     

    • -- E. - Early blooming
    • -- L. - Late blooming.
    • -- M. - Midseason blooming

    -- L.M. - Late midseason.

  • -- (T) - Tetraploid, having double chromosome

    • -- Falls - 3 Outer Petals (6 on Doubles) flat opening
    • -- Standards - 3 Inner petals, sometimes upright, sometimes flat opening

    -- Petaloids     

    • -- Style - three petal like structures rising from the center of the flower, and bearing the stigma.
    • -- Crest - the ruffled tips of the style arms.
    • -- Signal - the colored spears radiating from the center of the petals

    -- Veining - the contratsing color pattern that extends out into the petals 




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  ACCLAIM  (Marx, W.) D., 48", 6", M.L                                                                    $15.00


      Tall, rosy red-lavender blend with white petaloids

      with rose-purple tips. Striking double!

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  AMETHYST WINGS (Ackerman) S., 24", 6", M.                                                    $18.00


      Near-white rim with dark violet veins radiating

      through cream-white falls from a dark violet halo

      and showy yellow-green blaze.  Crowned with

      red-violet styles and standards.

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  ASAGIRI (Marx, W.)                                                                                                     $22.00


      A dainty semi-double lavender blend. White falls dotted and

      brushed blue. Standards soft lavender. Translates as Morning Mist.

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  AZURE  (Childs) D., 36", 6 ½", L.                                                                           $25.00


      Rich dark shade of deep blue purple. Very rich color

      with extra wide petals on this double.

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  BLUE GENTIAN  (Marx, W.) D., 30", L.                                                                  $18.00


      Deep blue self with white center veining on this lovely

      late blooming double.

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  CALICO PRINT  (Hazzard, A.) S., 28", 8", E.M.                                                   $25.00


      Huge white and lavender bicolor with attractive

      striations. Standards dark lavender with white rib

      edges. Falls white with short blue-lavender rays from

      light yellow signal. Styles white and striking smaller

      deep purple center petals. A magnificent flower.

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  CAPRICIAN BUTTERFLY  (Marx-Rogers) D., 36", 9", M.                                $30.00


      Large, white double flower with prominent dark-purple

      veining. Falls white, heavily veined purple, with white fringe

      and gold signals. Great substance. Has won many awards

      including in P.A. and H.M. Awards.

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  CATHERINE PARRY  (Childs, J.) D., 36", 8", M.                                                 $15.00


      Deep blue double overlaid with rosy red with showy

      yellow signals and high white center flare.

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  CRY OF REJOICE  (Unknown) S.                                                                             $15.00


      Broad deep violet single with veining and a bright yellow

      signal.  Flat opening.

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  DAZZLING DEBUTANTE  (Payne, W.) S., 44", 7", E."                                      $30.00



      White standards, edges in hyacinth violet. Hyacinth-violet

      falls with small white halo and white veins. H. M. Award.

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  EVENING EPISODE  (Maddocks, F.) D., 36", 6", M. to L.                                  $25.00


      Large, medium lavender self with contrasting blue

      at center around a yellow spear. Honorable Mention


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  EXTRAVAGANT PLUMES  (Maddocks, F.) D., 42", E.                                       $18.00


      A beautifully fluted double, with white feather-like

      patterns in center widely bordered in fuchsia red.

      Narrow soft yellow signals with white styles edged in
      fuchsia-red. Honorable Mention Award.

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  FAIRY CARILLON  (Payne) D", 32", 5", E.                                                            $22.00


      Rich violet standards with white edge. Falls white

      tinted violet with prominent light halo and veining.

      Hortense-violet center.

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  FASCINATION  (WChilds, J.) D., 36", 7 ½", M. to L., 5"                                   $18.00


      Massive, bright blue-violet petals edged in purple radiating

      white veins with bright-yellow flares.  Especially, wide

      petals and full form.

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  FRILLED ENCHANTMENT  (Marx, W.) D., 42", 6 ½ ", M.                                $25.00


      Magnificent very round form on this lovely white iris with

      narrow ruffled margin of bright red rose. Contrasting yellow


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  GLITTER AND GLAMOUR  (Payne, W.) S., 38", 7", E.                                      $15.00


      Early blooming pastel with light ground sanded with

      ploroma violet. Showy white veins, no halo, ploroma-

      violet styles.

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  GOOD OMEN  (Marx, W.) D., 36", 8 ½", M.                                                         $18.00


      Large, intense deep wine color with lustrous velvety

      sheen and a dark halo.  Falls slightly ruffled with

      prominent orange-yellow spears.

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  HAGOROMA  (Unknown) D., 36", 5", M.                                                             $25.00


      Full overlapping white petals brushed with blue

      lavender. Yellow signals.

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  LADY IN WAITING  (Marx, W.) S., 32", 6", M. L.                                                $30.00


      Soft pink orchid shade with contrasting blue halo

      around bright yellow signal.

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  LASTING PLEASURE  (Ackerman, W.) D., 33", 6", M.                                     $20.00


      Long-blooming, dark purple with lighter striations and

      near-white margins coupled with vibrant yellow signals.

      Extra petaloids in center. Honorable Mention Award.

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  MAIKO-NO-HAMA  (Chugai Nursery) D., 32", 7", E.M.                                   $18.00


      Startling bright white with prominent blue-violet margin

      circling the flower.  Absolutely gorgeous.

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  MANADZURU  (Yokohama Nursery) D., 39", 6 ¾", L.                                   $15.00


      Unusually heavy blue veining on a white background

      gives a pretty light-blue effect.  Very tailored form.

      Late blooming season extender.  Translates as White

      Naked Crane.

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  MAROON GIANT  (Hazzard, A.) D., 30", 8", M.                                                  $20.00


      Dark velvety maroon red with darker veining and

      contrasting bright yellow signals.  Purple stylearms

      and petaloids.  Pure velvet.

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  MEMORIAL TRIBUTE  (Payne, W.) D., 48", M.                                                  $30.00


      White tinted violet with broad white veining. Pales to

      near white. Yellow styles. Honorable Mention Award.

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  MIDNIGHT WHISPERS  (Marx, W.) D., 38", 6 ½", L.                                        $22.00


      Medium, pastel blue-violet blend with faint white veins.

      Delicate campanula- blue edges surround a small white

      halo and rays. White styles.

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  MIST O'MORN  (Payne, W.) D., 38", L. M.                                                            $20.00


      White falls heavily veined with blue violet, blending

      lighter to margin. Styles darker violet with lighter edges.

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  MOMIJI NO TAKI  (Kotaka-En Nursery) D., 36", 6 ½", M.                            $18.00


      Deep wine red with heavy white striations radiating from

      bright yellow spears.  White styles tipped with red violet.

      Translates as Maple Cascade.

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  MOUNT HOOD  (Perry) D., 32", M.                                                                        $30.00


      Large, double flower of dark blue with darker veining.

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  NEMURIJISHI  (Seiko-en) D., 37", E.                                                                      $28.00


      Early bloomer, silvery white ground, heavily sanded light

      blue-violet.  Yellow signals.  Ruffled.

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  OCEAN MIST  (Marx, W.) D., 36", 8 ½", M.                                                          $18.00


      Massive light and medium blue with white center halo

      and veins around yellow signal.  White styles.  Extra

      large and very attractive.

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  PRAIRIE BLUEBELL  (Hazzard, A.) 32", 7", M.                                                  $15.00


      Light blue-violet bitone, darker at haft and center, edged

      white.  Light yellow halo with bright yellow signal and

      white style arms.

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  PRAIRIE HEAVEN  (Hazzard, A.) D., 30", 7", E. M.                                            $30.00


      Rich blue-violet self with bright yellow signals and white halo.

      Conspicuous white veining beginning at halo and ending short of

      narrow white edge or border. Style arms light blue-violet with

      darker edges and tips.

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  PRAIRIE TAPESTRY  (Hazzard, A.) S., 36", M.                                                   $28.00


      Red-purple standards with white border and tips. Falls

      white with heavy red-purple veining and white border.

      Orange signal, fading at border. Red-purple style arms.

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  RETURNING TIDE  (McEwen) S., 40", M.                                                             $18.00


      Violet-blue standards. Falls slightly lighter blue with faint

      veining and yellow signals nearly covered by the violet

      styles. Flaring form and branching. Reblooms.

      Payne Medal Award.

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  ROYAL FIREWORKS  (Ackerman, W.) D., 40", 6, V. E.                                   $20.00


      Dark, midnight blue-violet petals with curled and ruffled

      margins.  Striking long yellow signals.   Very plush velvety

      texture.  Honorable Mention Award.

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  ROYAL RADIANCE  (Hazzard, A.) 30", M..                                                          $22.00


      Rich red-violet with darker red-violet veining on falls.

      Ruffled with bright yellow signals and a velvety sheen.

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  SEA OF AMETHYST  (Rich, L.) 40", M. L.                                                                $30.00


      White, heavily brushed and sanded light amethyst.

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  SHIHODEN  (Hirao) D., 35", 6", M.                                                                         $20.00


      Regal, rich deep red-purple double with yellow signals.

      Well ruffled.  Quite beautiful.

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  SKY AND WATER  (Payne, W. ) D., 46", E. M.                                                    $28.00


      Very pretty violet bi-tone shading from light to darker

      violet. Darker violet halo lightens to pastel. White styles.

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  THUNDER AND LIGHTNING  (Marx, W.) D., 48", 8", M. L.                           $22.00


      A lustrous and vivid, red-violet double that shines.

      Prominent orange spears and an electric-blue center.

      Very showy.

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  WAKAMUSHA (Toko-En) D., 32", 6 ½", E.                                                         $28.00


      Heavily petalled, deep rich blue-purple double heavily veined

      in white with bright-yellow signals. Translates as Young Knight.

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  WINE RUFFLES  (Ackerman, W.) D., 37", 6", M.                                                $28.00


      Fluted and ruffled, rich royal purple blending to plum purple

      with bright yellow signals.  Purple style arms are edged royal

      purple. Velvety texture with extra heavy substance.

      Honorable Mention Award.

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We are building up stock on the following Japanese Iris (Iris ensata).  They will be available in future years: We are building up stock on the following Japanese Iris (Iris ensata).  They will be available in future years: We are building up stock on the following Japanese Iris (Iris ensata).  They will be available in future years: Distant Echo; Emotion; Flying Tiger; High Cascades; Kongo Sam; Lavender Hint; Ol' Man River; Oriental Eyes; Prairie Contentment; Recurring Theme; Rose Tower; Ruri Ogi; Shinson-Kajin; Suiten Isshoku; Summer Storm, Violet Spectacle; White Chiffon, Wings Aflutter and Yoroi Musha. 


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