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We appreciate that many of our customers are busy people who would like some help making selections from our various Siberian and Japanese Iris. To make selecting easier, we have included more collections separately for you to order or just simply browse. Of course, our offer to make up a special collection just for you still stands. Call or write us and give your requirements and we will do our best to meet them.


Each of these carefully selected collections will come with an information sheet describing each of the iris included. As always, each plant will be individually labeled. Please note: our collections have been very popular. If you order late in the season, we may need to substitute. We will do so in a way that preserves the integrity of the collection.

Pink & Lavender Siberian Iris Collection



One each of Illini Charm, Lydia Winter, Pink Haze, Rare Jewel and Roaring Jelly.

(A $59 Value)


5 Siberian Iris for $45.

Illini Charm

Lydia Winter

Pink Haze

Rare Jewel

Roaring Jelly



Favorite Siberian Iris Collection

from Our 2017 Growing Season


A collection of some of our favorite Siberian Iris. One each of Blue Rosette, Frosty Rim, King of Kings, Shaker's Prayer, Turquoise Cup and Wine Wings.   (A $66 Value)    6 Siberian Iris for $54.

Blue Rosette

Frosty Rim

King of Kings

Shakers Prayer

Turquoise Cup

Wine Wings



Select Siberian Iris Collection

Reliable Recurrent



Yankee Doodle Boy

Alluring 'Pinks'

Lady Vanessa

Lydia Winter

Pink Haze

Silver Rose

Roaring Jelly

Wine 'Reds'

Carrie Lee

Red Passion

Ruby Wine

Classic 'Whites'


Ong's Hat

This color coordinated collection of a dozen dazzling Siberian Iris will make a smashing garden display. A wonderful foil for these spectacular Iris is the maroon foliage of Weigela 'Wine & Roses', Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple' and Rosa glauca.

This Select Collection represents an $139.00 value: One each of Twelve plants for $125.00

Or for a full garden of display:   Three each of Twelve Plants $300.00

(plus shipping charges and/or applicable Sales Tax)



Long Season Siberian Iris Collection



These late-season Siberian Iris extend the season through June for us. The following collection will bring an extended season of colorful bloom to your garden.


One each of: All in Stipple, Creme Chantilly, Percheron, Pink Snowtop and Yankee Doodle Boy.


  (A $61 Value)


   5 Plants for $50.

All in Stipple

Creme Chantilly


Pink Snowtop

Yankee Doodle Boy


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