Daylily Collections

We appreciate that many of our customers are busy people who would like some help making selections from our various daylilies. To make selecting easier, we have included more collections separately for you to order or just simply browse. Of course, our offer to make up a special collection just for you still stands. Call or write us and give your requirements and we will do our best to meet them.

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Special Daylily Collections

Each of these carefully selected collections will come with an information sheet describing each of the daylilies included. As always, each plant will be individually labeled. Please note: our collections have been very popular. If you order late in the season, we may need to substitute. We will do so in a way that preserves the integrity of the collection.

Daylily Collections


Beginner's Daylily Collection


A splash of bright and vigorous daylilies to begin your own "riot" of summer color. One each of Atlas, Chicago Mist, Decatur Imp, Decatur Jewel, Erline McDonald, Glowing Delight, Gold Medallion, and Vivid Yellow. (A $88 value.)


8 plants for $72.00

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Long Season Pastels Daylily Collection


Seven hybrids of soft pastel colors to mix with an existing perennial border or to create a separate garden. One each of Breathless Moment, Brenda Jane, Deliverance, Judy Davidson, Let's Pretend, Sun Souffle and Tall Angel.  (A $82 value.)


7 plants for $70.00

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Light and Airy Daylily Collection


Five small-flowered daylilies with multiflora branched scapes covered with dainty flowers that dance like butterflies. One each of Bittersweet Honey, Chorus Line, Hanna Jane, Lilting Lady and Three Seasons. (A ($58 value.)


5 plants for $54.00

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Nocturnal Daylily Collection


This collection of late-afternoon and evening-blooming daylilies will give you a long season for blooms in the pale shades that show up best near dusk. One each of Brenda Jane, Butterpat, Lady Grosvenor, Pardon Me, Spread Gold and Tiny Stella. (A $69 value.)


6 plants for $62.00

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Luxury Pastels Daylily Collection


These big beautiful tetraploids all have gorgeous blooms-perfect for a special daylily border in a highly visible spot. Their glowing colors will delight your eyes and make your garden a showplace. One each of Decatur Charade, Decatur Stimulator, Luscious Honeydew, Prides Crossing, Quaint Beauty and Tone Poem.

(A $72 value)


6 plants for $65.00

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Mini Wonders Collection


A small collection of miniature- flowered ( 3 1/2" or less), reblooming, daylilies that have performed well in all sorts of growing conditions. They are sure to fill your garden with color from early June to September. One each of Coral Sparkler, Little Big Man, Pardon Me, Three Seasons and Yellow Lollipop. ( A $54 value)


5 daylilies for $46

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Perennial Lovelies Daylily Collection


These heavily branched, small-flowered daylilies are ideal plants to add to an established perennial garden. Their delicate flowers are perfect to complement summer-blooming perennials. One each of Countess Carrots, Fawn, Little Ruffles, Petite Ballet, Pizza, and Tinker Belle. (A $60 value.)


6 plants for $48.00

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Spiders And Their Kin Daylily Collection


For some years these striking beauties with their long narrow petals were out of fashion. Now they are back and all the rage. We offer you five spiders in a wide range of colors. One each of Aabachee, Asiatic Pheasant, Dark Star, Orangeman and Ouachita Beauty. (A $57 value)


5 plants for $48.00

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Sizzling Summer Daylily Collection


Planning and planting for next year’s summer daylily border is a job best done in the fall. This collection consist of some of our favorite hot colored daylilies to add a splash of bright color and sizzling heat to your summer borders next year. One each of August Flame, Chicago Sunrise, Cinnamon Roll, Holiday Delight, Pittsburgh Golden Triangle and Sparkling Orange. (A $68 value.)


6 plants for $56

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Summer Sensation Daylily Collection


Plant now to add cheer and color to the garden in August and September. Here are some daylilies that will complement the annuals and tender perennials with an added splash of color from bright to pastel. One each of Autumn Minaret, Beth Barth, Bountiful Valley, Lilting Lady and Tetrina's Daughter. (A $60 value.)


5 plants for $54

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Petite Hor D'Oeuvres Daylily Collection


After all the cooking with daylilies at our Open House, we hope you are eager to try some stuffed daylilies at your next party. This collection of six plants (2 each of Butterpat, Forever Stella and Patti Neyland) offers plenty of blooms to stuff all summer long. Each collection comes with stuffing tips. (A $60 value.)


6 plants for $52.00

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Tall & Sassy Daylily Collection


This collection of statuesque daylilies, three feet and taller, will standout in the back of a mixed border. A great combination with Russian sage and bronze fennel. One each of Autumn Minaret, Lady Inara, Rocket City, Tall Angel and Yellow Pinwheel. (A $58 value.)


5 plants for $52

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Short & Sweet Daylily Collection


This collection is designed for those spots where you need plants that are 24 inches or smaller. One each of Barbary Corsair, Mayme Morning Star, Naomi Ruth, Pardon Me, Siloam Sugar Time and Yellow Lollipop offers a diverse assortment of colors and a long bloom season of bloom. ( A $66 value.)


6 plants for $56.00

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