Gold & Yellow Flowered Daylilies

The daylilies with gold and yellow flowers that are listed below are in good supply. We have smaller numbers of many other white, near gold and yellow flowered daylilies. We ship healthy double-fan divisions or clumps (4-5 fans), unless other-wise indicated. Occasionally, low stock varieties and some new introductions will be shipped as single fans. Our guarantee still applies.

Abbreviations used, in sequence:

4"  - Flower size

D. - Dormant (foliage goes totally brown in early winter)

Ex.E - Extra early blooming

M.L. - Late midseason

(CL) - 4-5 fans

S.Ev. - Semi-evergreen ( may retain a small portion of green foliage during winter)

E. - Early blooming

H. M. - Honorable Mention

(T) - Tetraploid

Ev. - Evergreen ( reacts the same as Semi-evergreen here in the North)

E.M. - Early midseason

J. C. - Junior Citation of American Hemerocallis Society

35" - Flower scape height

M. - Midseason

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  NASHVILLE (Claar) 39”, D., M.                                                                   $12.00

Pretty triangular-shaped. flat-opening clear yellow with orange red eyezone.

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  NELLIE’S CURLS (Ward, L.) 25", D., M., 9"                                               $18.00

Huge, fragrant, bright yellow spider with a wide green throat and petals that curl back on themselves. H. M. Award

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  NEON YELLOW (Randolph) 32”, D., E., 5 ½” (T)                                     $15.00

Gorgeous, tall, vivid lemon-yellow daylily with a heavy pink overlay and a lemon-yellow throat. Very sunfast. Fragrant with heavy substance and light rebloom on this large, early blooming daylily. Extended blooming. H.M. Award

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  NIFTY (Schoonover) 20”, S.Ev., E.M., 4 ½”                                               $15.00

Nifty, pony-sized, bright chartreuse-yellow flower with green halo and throat. Small, low growing yellow for the June garden. J.C. Award

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  NORTHBROOK STAR (Fay) 29”, D., M.L., 6 ½” (T)                                 $12.00

Extra large, heavy-blooming, Star-shaped, lemon yellow for the August garden. Fine quality

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  NUMBERS GAME (Sobek) 31", D., E. to M.L., 3 ½"                                  $15.00

A small lemon-yellow flower with a green throat. This has wonderful branching and a surprising bud count that may make you think it reblooms. An extended bloomer, this garden performer has 40 or more buds per scape. A pleasing addition to any garden

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  OLIN CRISWELL (Harris) 29”, D., M.L., 6” (T)                                         $12.00

Wonderfully ruffled, lemon flower with lighter midribs and small green throat. Blooms in the August garden. Extended blooming. H.M. Award.

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  OPHIR (Farr) 50”, S.Ev., M.                                                                         $15.00

Very tall, orange-yellow star-shaped daylily. Fragrant and extended
blooming. Reblooms.

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  PALMISTRY (Sobek) 36", D., M.L, 8 ½" (T)                                          $18.00

An enormous yellow daylily with green infusions and a green throat. This flower's size, open form, color and height create a real sensation in the garden. Blooms in August. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 2001. 

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  PARTY FAVOR (Sikes) 18”, D., E.M., 5”                                                   $18.00

Pale-yellow double with a green-yellow throat for the June garden. Low growing and reblooms.

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  PASTTIME (Schoononer) 36", S.Ev., M.L., 5 ½"                                 $18.00

Greenish-yellow flower with green throat for the August garden. Tall and extended blooming.

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  PETITE BALLET (Flory) 24”, S.Ev., M., 3”                                                  $10.00

Choice, small yellow daylily with a round, ruffled form and green throat. Beautiful. H.M. Award.


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  PITTSBURGH GOLDEN TRIANGLE (Hite) 32”, S.Ev., M., 6” (T)            $12.00

Large, orange-yellow flower with green throat. Truly imposing
size, form and height. Fragrant. H.M. Award.


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  PIZZA (Warner) 29”, D., E., 2 ½”                                                               $12.00

Beautifully formed, golden-yellow miniature. Excellent branching and clean compact foliage. Long bloom season that goes through July. Tops.


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  PRAIRIE SUNSET (Wild) 36”, D., E.M., 5”                                                  $15.00

Tall yellow daylily with pink midribs for the June garden.


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  PREVIEW PARTY (Pride) 25”, D., E., 6” (T)                                                 $10.00

Burgundy eyezone on burnished gold daylily. Large and lightly ruffled. Brings eyed varieties into the early garden. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1984.


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  PRIDES CROSSING (Pride) 32", D., M., 7" (T)                                           $12.00

Large and tall, superb flowers of soft-peach apricot and yellow with a fine green throat. Precisely ruffled petals have a pale-violet midrib that deepens in color during the day. Reblooms. J.C. and H.M. Awards. Introcuced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1977.


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  PRIZE HOPE (Durio) 28", S.Ev., E.M., 6 ½" (T)                              $15.00

Large, cream blend with flesh-pink midribs and green throat.
Excellent quality.

  PROLOGUE (Pride) 29”, D., E., 5” (T)                                                 $18.00

Early, showy well branched pure golden-yellow flower with a yellow throat. Many flowers open at the same time on the same scape. Fragrant. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.


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  PROPER RUFFLES (Rushing) 20”, D., E.M., 6” (T)                                  $18.00

Large and very ruffled, lemon-yellow flower with a green throat
for the June garden Low growing. 

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  PROSELYTE (Harris) 23”, Ev., M., 5” (T)                                              $18.00

Pretty, soft pale yellow. Flat opening with heavy substance. Extended blooming. 

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  PROSPECTOR’S DELIGHT (Elliott) 24", S.Ev., E., 8"                                 $18.00

Very fragrant, bright lemon self with lime green throat. Reblooms. 

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  PUDDIN (Kennedy) 20”, D., M., 2 ½”                                                    $12.00

Prize winning, yellow miniature with beautiful flat, round form
and overlapping petals. Nocturnal and low growing. H.M. Award. 

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  PUPPET SHOW (Moldovan) 26", D., E, 4" (T)                                        $15.00

Pony-sized, ruffled cream, yellow and melon blend with pink wash and small yellow-green throat. Fragrant. Blooms early and reblooms for us. 

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  PURITY (Traub) 45”, D., M.L.                                                                     $12.00

An old favorite here for both performance and season. Lovely soft, clear-yellow flowers, with light fragrance, held on tall scapes. Dynamic in a sunny perennial garden. 

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  QUEEN OF GONZALES (Russell) 36”, Ev., Ex.E., 5"                                   $15.00

Extra early, large and tall, brilliant orange with very heavy
substance. Extended blooming. Needs winter mulch here. 

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  QUICK GOLD (Barth) 28", D., M., 6" (T)                                              $15.00

Beautiful butter-gold flower.  Fragrant and nocturnal. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1979.

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  RADIANT BEAMS (Reckamp) 24”, D., L., 5 ½” (T)                              $18.00

Large and late-blooming, fragrant gold flower with ruffled edges.

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  RARE CHINA (Hall) 38”, D., M., 6"                                                           $15.00

Superior, tall and large brushed rose flower overlaid on yellow base with large flaring green throat that extends far out into the petals. Diamond dusted. Top quality. A.M. Award.

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   REVOLUTE (Sass) 46”, D., M.L.                                                            $12.00

Tall and large, crisp, clear greenish-yellow flower with open semi-spider
form. Extended blooming. Reblooms. Stout Medal winner.

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  RICHARD TAUBER (Brooks) 30”, D., M., 6” (T)                                       $18.00

Large, pale lemon-yellow flower with green throat.
Extended blooming.

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  RINGALING (Saxton) 16", D., E.M., 3"                                                     $18.00

Dainty looking maize and saffron-yellow bitone with a tyrian-purple halo above a green throat.  Fragrant and extended blooming.

Ringaling.jpg (4717 bytes)
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  ROBIN COLEMAN (Lacey) 21”, D., M, 2 ½” (T)                                     $18.00

Ruffled buttercup-yellow miniature with excellent form. Fragrant
and low growing.

  ROYAL DIVIDEND (Stevens) 26”, D., M., 8” (T)                                     $15.00

Huge, intense lemon-yellow flower with a green-yellow throat.
Fragrant. Truly outstanding. J.C. Award.

  ROYAL KIN (Peck) 29”, D., E.M., 7” (T)                                                 $15.00

Big, flat opening pale yellow. It's large size and fine color earned
it an H.M. Award. Extended blooming.

  ROYAL LEGACY (Munson, R.W.) 24”, D., M.L., 6” (T)                           $18.00

Large, yellow-cream flower with lemon throat for the August
garden. Reblooms.

 RUMBLE SEAT ROMANCE (Elliott) 22” D., M., 4 ½”                                 $15.00

Fragrant, small bright lemon daylily with deep green throat.

 RUTH ANN (Kennedy) 26”, D., M., 3”                                                  $15.00

Very fragrant, clear yellow miniature with heavy corduroy texture.
Extended blooming. J. C. Award.

  SACO (Whatley) 27”, S.Ev., M., 5 ¾” (T)                                           $18.00

Flat, clear light yellow with green throat and bubbly ruffles. An
excellent garden performer. Good substance and well-branched.
Extended blooming.

  SANCTUS BELL (Moldovan) 30”, D., E.M. (T)                                            $18.00

Superb, lovely creamy lemon-yellow flower for the June garden.

  SANDRA HUGHES (Unger) 24" Ev., M., 5 ½"                                              $12.00

Cream daylily with orchid midribs and a very green throat.  Extended blooming.  Reblooms.

   SAVANNAH MOON (Joiner) 26”, D., E.M., 7”                                         $18.00

Large yellow flower with deeper yellow center that blooms in the June
garden and then reblooms.

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   SCANDINAVIAN MAID (Himottu) 30”, S.Ev., M., 6” (T)                       $18.00

Large flowered, lemon-yellow daylily with small green throat.
J.C. Award.

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   SHAKER DANCE (Boucher) 28”, D., M.L. to L., 7”                               $12.00

Twisting recurved two-inch wide petals give an artistic form. Each
segment is washed with a pale amber that fades to near white as the
day progresses. Good bud count and diamond dusting offers ample
display in the August and September garden. Introduced by Tranquil
Lake Nursery.

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   SHEEPSCOT (Barth-Barth) 24”, D., M.L. (T)                                       $18.00

This August flowering, canary-yellow double has a dark green throat, light
fragrance and handsome foliage. It's unusual to find a tetraploid double.
This Barth hybrid shows the same vigor and hardiness as his other daylilies. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1998.

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  SHEEPSCOT VALLEY SUNUP (Barth, N.) 32", D., M.L. (T)                   $18.00

Very large, open, golden-orange self with a dusted cinnamon-red halo over a small green throat. Blooms in the August garden. Shows off its Sparkling Orange parentage.

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   SHERWOOD GLADIATOR (Rogers, A.) 54”, S.Ev., E.M., 6” (T)           $15.00

Tall, fragrant lemon-yellow daylily with tiny green throat. Blooms
in late June and then reblooms in the late season.

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   SHIRLEY WILD (Bechtold) 34”, D., M.L.                                             $12.00

Large and tall, chartreuse yellow spider form. Blooms in the August

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   SHINTO SHRINE (Moldovan) 24”, D., E.M., 6” (T)                         $12.00

Rounded petals of light cream with hints of pink and chartreuse overcast and a yellow-green throat. Ruffled and fragrant with extended bloom.

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  SILK AND HONEY (Barrere) 28”, D., M., 5” (T)                                     $12.00

Lacy edge on bright yellow-gold flower with a yellow-green throat.
Fragrant with good substance and texture. H.M. Award.

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  SILOAM TINY MITE (Henry) 20”, D., M., 2 ½”                                         $18.00

Tiny flower with very round form. Clear gold with showy burgundy eyezone and gold throat.

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  SMALL WAYS (Wild) 28”, D., E.M., 4 ½”                                                 $18.00

Pretty lemon-yellow daylily with green throat.

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  SO SWEET (Lenington) 22”, S.Ev., E., 4 ½”                                                 $15.00

Lovely, early blooming, small pale-yellow daylily. Reblooms regularly
for us in the late season.

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  SOMETHING ELSE (Pride) 28”, D., M.L., 6 ½” (T)                             $12.00

Showy, large golden-orange daylily with lightly contrasting large brownish- purple eyezone and orange throat. Quite unusual. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.

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  SOUTHERN CROSS (Smith) 32", S.Ev., E.M., 6" (T)                          $15.00

Beautiful, pastel creamy-pink blend with small yellow-green throat. Showy, round and fine texture. Extended blooming. 

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  SPREAD GOLD (Barth) 36", D., M., 7" (T)                                 $10.00

Large, fragrant, very wide-petalled, chrome-yellow daylily with a green throat. So heavily branched that when several flowers are in bloom it makes a sheet of color. Nocturnal. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.

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  SPRING FANTASY (Lester) 36", D., Ex.E., 7"                                   $12.00

Earliest large flowered daylily to bloom at the nursery. Starts the quality season. Lilac and yellow bicolor with good substance. The large flowers on tall scapes sway in the breeze. 

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  STACY FORD (Sholar) 28”, D., E.M., 2 ½”                                                $15.00

Tiny clear yellow miniature. Reblooms.

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  STAR DREAM (Fass) 36”, D., M.                                                                $18.00

Tall yellow daylily. Fragrant and extended blooming.

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  STARSTRUCK (Yonski) 24”, D., M.L., 5 ½” (7")                                        $12.00

Big, bright golden-cream blooms with ruffles, good substance and a green throat. Blooms early for us in June and then reblooms in August into September. Great performer with good bud count that blooms past Labor Day. Nice fragrance. Opens well on cool mornings.

Starstruck.jpg (5260 bytes)

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  STATE FAIR (Buttrick) 40", D., M. To M.L., D., 6 ½”                          $10.00

Bright sunflower yellow daylily with a green throat. Blooms for us through the whole month of August.

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  STELLA DE ORO (Jablonski) 11”, Ev., E.M. to V.L., 2 ¾”                       $8.00

This marvelous, small bright yellow-gold miniature with a small green throat is well deserving of all its praise. It starts blooming early and sends up new flower scapes until frost. Fragrant and low growing. H.M., A.M. and Stout Medal Awards.

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  SUN KISSED LOVE (Stevens-Seawright) 33”, D., E.M., 4 ½” (T)            $18.00

Bright butter-yellow flower with lighter midribs and yellow-green throat.
Four- way branching. Showy and vigorous.

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  SUN'S EYE (Kirchoff) 32”, S.Ev., E.M., 5” (T)                                    $12.00

Fragrant apricot and yellow blend with a green-yellow heart. Reblooms.
J.C and H.M. Awards.

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  SUPER DOLL (Joiner) 20”, S.Ev., E., 3 ¾”                                    $18.00

Fragrant apricot daylily with a green throat. Reblooms.

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  SUPER STELLA (Jablonski) 14”, D., M., 2½”                                            $12.00

Tiny pale-yellow flower with green throat. Extended blooming.

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  SUPER TRADITION (Brown) 23”, Ev., M., 6 ¼”                                      $18.00

Large, bright, light yellow with yellow-green throat.

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  SURPRISE PACKAGE (Fay) 28”, D., M.L., 5” (T)                                        $18.00

Warm, golden yellow with heavy substance. Extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  SUSAN ELIZABETH (Barth) 28", D., E.M., 7 ½" (T)                $10.00

Very large lemon-yellow polychrome flower with wide petals, gold sepals and small green throat. Largest early mid-season Tet. we grow. Fragrant. Choice. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1983.

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  SUZIE WONG (Kennedy) 24”, D., E., 5"                                                     $12.00

Classic, early blooming, small flowered glowing buttercup-yellow flower. Shows off with Siberian Iris in the June garden. Top quality.

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  SWAMP YANKEE (Hathaway) 34”, D., L., 6” (T)                                        $15.00

Large, bright gold which extends the season by starting late and sending up repeated scapes until a hard frost. Extended blooming. Reblooms.

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  SWAN BALLET (Lester) 30”, D., E.M.                                                        $10.00

Attractive and distinct triangular form sets off this fine lemon-yellow daylily.  Quite special.

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  SWEET JASMINE (Childs) 32”, D., E.M., 6"                                           $15.00

Pale jasmine yellow with white midribs and prominent radiating green throat. Fragrant and reblooms.

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  TEXAS SUNLIGHT (Lewis) 28”, D., M., 2¾”                                               $18.00

Pretty glowing gold miniature with a long bloom season. J.C. and H.M. Awards.

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  THREE SEASONS (Sobek) 21", D., Ex.E. to V.L., 2"                     $12.00

Miniature, light yellow jewel with a small green throat. Reblooms, almost spanning the daylily season here, with nine buds per scape and 3 or 4 scapes per fan. Nocturnal and extended blooming.  Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1996. 

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  THREE TIERS (Grooms) 24", D., M.L., 5 1/2"                                        $18.00

Golden orange with a distinct burnished eyezone gives this large double a rich copper look.   Heavily frilled center doubling.  One of the showiest of the doubles.

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  THUNBERGII (Species) 24", ExE., 5"                                                        $18.00

Very early, pale-yellow, bell-shaped daylily with wide-open form.

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  TIGER BUTTER (Pride) 30", D., E., 5" (T)                                                $15.00

Fragrant lemon-yellow flower with chocolate- brown dusting and a brownish-purple eyezone above a yellow throat. Very early in the season for a big flower.  Extended blooming.  Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1980.

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  TINKER BELL (Stevens) 30”, D., E.M., 2 ½”                                           $10.00

Multiflora miniature of golden-orange bells on heavily branched
scapes. Very showy.

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  TINY STELLA (Jablonski) 10", D., Ex.E. to V.L.                                        $10.00

Petite light gold nocturnal with green throat.  Very low growing.  Perfect for pots or the front of the garden.    Reblooms.

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  TOSCO (Winniford) 13", S.Ev., E.M., 3 1/2"                                              $10.00

Small beige-yellow daylily with green throat and center doubling.

Nocturnal and extended blooming.

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  TOUCHED  BY MIDAS (Winniford) 30”, Ev., E.M., 6” (T)                        $12.00

Large, extremely bright yellow with gold overcast and green throat.

Good substance. Extended blooming and nocturnal.

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  TOY TRUMPETS (Sobek) 33", D., M., 2"                                                $12.00

Miniature, clear-yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers grace very heavily branched scapes. Its vase-shape, clump habit, strong scapes and its overall grace make this a superb daylily for the mixed perennial garden.  Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 1996. 

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  TRANQUIL STAR (Tranquil Lake Nursery) 24”, D., M.L. to L., 5”       $15.00

This August blooming yellow star-like daylily was found in the fields at
Tranquil Lake Nursery. 

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  TREASURE ROOM (Wild) 20”, D., M.L., 6 ½” (T)                                 $18.00

Brilliant yellow daylily. 

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  TRIPLE (Miles, J.) 24”, D., E.M., 4 ½”                                                     $18.00

Yellow daylily with dull doubling and faint-pink eyezone. Fragrant and extended blooming. 

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  TRUFFLES (Warner) 24", D., M., 3 1/2" (T)                                           $18.00

Butter-yellow flower with green throat. J.C. Award.

Truffles.jpg (29964 bytes)
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  TWIRL GIRL (Barth) 26", D., M., 5 3/4" (T)                                        $12.00

Showy, golden-yellow blend with lighter margins giving a strinking color effect.   Distinctive color gradation to darker eyezone and green throat.  Fragrant extended bloomer. 

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  TWIST OF LEMON (Brooks) 33", D., E.M., 7" (T)                                $15.00

Pale, lemon-yellow flower with twisting segments and spider-like form.  Green throat on this extended blooming daylily.

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  TWO BIRDS (Wynne) 34", D., M.                                                           $18.00

Showy, greenish yellow with extra full center doubling.  Very fragrant.   Outstanding.   

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  VELMAS WOW (Hankins) 26", D., E.M., 7" (T)                                     $15.00

Very large, buttercup yellow with unusual “squarish” form and a green throat. Wide ruffled petals and super branching. Tops.

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  VELVET BUTTERFLY (Traub) 36", Ev., M., 7" (T)                                $15.00

Large sized, bright clear yellow. Good crisp look on this extended bloomer.

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  VIVID YELLOW (Murray) 34", D., M., 6 ½" (T)                                    $12.00

Bright “vivid” yellow with a deeper yellow throat.

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  WANDA FAY (Webster) 26", S.Ev., E.M., 6 1/2" (T)                               $12.00

Lemon-yellow flower with green throat.  Fragrant.

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  WEE WILLIE WINKIE (Richards) 36", D., V.L., 2"                                  $18.00

Tiny bells of clear light yellow borne on many branched scapes. Profuse blooming. One of the latest daylilies to bloom here.

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  WHEN MY SWEETHEART RETURNS (Apps) 23", D., M.La., 3 5/6"       $18.00

Light yellow with rose eye above greenish yellow throat. Reblooms.

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  WIND SONG (Bryant, E.) 28", S.Ev., M., 6"                                              $18.00

Large, beautiful cream with pink flush over it.  Cream-green throat and marvelous form and substance.   Fragrant extended bloomer.  H.M. Award.

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  WISE CHOICE (Grooms) 18", D., E.M., 7"                                               $12.00

Large, medium gold double.

  WYNN (Criswell) 28", D., M., 4 ½"                                                          $12.00

Extra crisp, clear chartreuse-yellow flower with green throat. Very ruffled, full round form. Extended blooming. H. M. Award.

  WYNNSON (Criswell) 24", D., E.M., 4 ½"                                                $18.00

Light yellow self with green throat. Extended blooming. A. M., H. M.
and Annie T. Giles Awards.

  YARD MASTER (Whatley) 28", D., M., 6 ½" (T)                                     $15.00

Large, beautiful clear medium-yellow flower with a green throat. Flat
opening with good form. A light rebloomer with excellent bud count.
Fragrant. H. M. and J. C. Awards.

  YELLA MOUNTAIN ROAD (Wilson, M.) 28", D., M., 7"                           $18.00

Sunflower-yellow daylily with a slight green throat. H. M. and
J. C. Awards.

  YELLOW BOUNTY (Fay) 26", D., M., 6")                                                  $18.00

Fragrant, clear canary-yellow to lemon-yellow double daylily with greenish-
yellow throat. Nocturnal and extended blooming.

  YELLOW CHAMPAGNE (Rudolph) 28", D., E., 6" (T)                             $12.00

Bright sulfur yellow with extra wide petals. Very fragrant.

  YELLOW LOLLIPOP (Crochet) 11", D., E.M., 2 ¼"                                  $10.00

Low flowering, ruffled medium yellow miniature. Good increaser and a
reliable rebloomer. Plant in pots or the front of the border. Extended
blooming. H.M. Award and Don Fischer Memorial Award for best
mini in 1988.

  YELLOW MIST (Spalding, W.) 18", S.Ev., M., 6 ½"                              $15.00

Soft yellow flower with green throat. Extended blooming.

  YELLOW PINWHEEL (Stevens, D.) 32", D., M.L., 8" (T)                          $12.00

Huge flower on tall stalks. Bright lemon yellow self with greenish throat.
Very fragrant with long bloom season. Starts blooming in the late
mid season and doesn't stop until winter. Extraordinary; one of the largest
and most impressive flowers in the late garden.

  YELLOW RIBBON (Kraus) 30", D., M., 6"                                                 $15.00

Huge canary yellow with long spidery petals.

  YELLOW TWAIN (Webster) 32 ", Ev., M.L., 6 ½" (T)                             $18.00

Bright yellow daylily with center doubling.

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We are building stock on the following Yellow daylilies.  They will be available in future years:  Absalon; Aegean Temple; Alec Allen; Amberland; Amnor; Apricot; Arabian Beauty; Asa; Atlanta Lamplighter; Barnabas; Bedder Boy; Bellerive; Ben Arthur Davis; Bertie Mae Ferris; Big Show; Big Time Happy; Brutus; Buried Treasure; Caballero; Caledonia; Camelot Green; Caprician Comet; Caprician Honey Gold; Carolicolossal; Cellini Gold; Charles Edward Yates; Chiffon Delight; China Calm; Cibola; Citrina; Colonel Joe; Condilla;  Cookie Monster; Cool One; Creped Gold; Crestwood Evening; Crystal Cupid; Decatur Doll; Della Mae; Dot Grovatt;  Double Ball; Double Bright Yellow; Double Darling; Double Delicious; Double Spiced; Double Sunset Glow; Duke Gardens; Edna Spalding Memorial; Emma Griffing; English Gentry; Fairies Pinafore; Felicity;  Full and Round; Heap Good; Jennifer Grovatt; Jest; Little Cherub; McPick; Moonlight Mischief; Mount Helena; Phantom Ring; Preter John; Siloam June Bug; Solar Crest; Sweet Jasmine; and Tiger Butter.

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