Siberian Iris 2017

Elegant Siberian Iris will add a long season of beauty to your garden. After flowering in late May and June, their sword-like foliage remains attractive throughout the growing season. Siberian Iris are tolerant of an extreme range of cultural conditions. Established plants are quite drought tolerant, however they can thrive in damp and boggy conditions. Loam soils, enriched with organic matter and mulched, are ideal. Siberian Iris perform well in sun and light shade.


Siberian Iris can be planted in early spring or fall. However, we recommend spring shipments only, to our customers in the northern tier of states. Since our New England climate does not allow us to dig much earlier than mid-April, we recommend fall planting for most warmer climates. Northern gardeners can also plant in the fall. We will ship plants to you in early September so that they will have two to three months to become fully established before winter.


We dig good-sized divisions (triple fan or larger).

Abbreviations and Definitions used, in Descriptions:


  • -- Blaze - the patterned area, usually semi-circular at the base of the falls, extending out from the hafts.


  • -- Falls - 3 lower petals of an Iris flower.


    • -- Haft - Narrow part of falls (and standards) near the center of the flower.


  • -- Self - a flower with all segments the same color.


  • -- Standards - the three upper more or less erect petals of the iris which usually rise above the falls.


  • -- Style Arms - three petal like structures rising from the center of the flower, and bearing the stigma.


    -- Crests - the ruffled tip of the style arms..



  • -- 30" - Flower stalk height                                                   -- L. - Late blooming
  • -- E. - Early blooming                                                            -- (T) - Tetraploid
  • -- M. - Midseason blooming                                                 -- 3" - Flower size
  • -- L.M. - Late midseason
  • -- H. M. Award - Honorable Mention Award                
  • -- Morgan Award - Morgan Award Winner                         
  • -- Award of Merit - Award of Merit             
  • -- Dykes Medal - Dykes Medal Award from England



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  ALL IN STIPPLE  (Warburton, B.) 38", M. to L., 5"                                           $12.00


          Beautifully ruffled, violet-blue standards dappled on a

          lighter ground in tweed-like fashion, rimmed with dark

          violet blue.  Falls same, tweed-like rim circling white

          sunburst signal that is mostly concealed by pearly

          floret type style.  Branching makes a bouquet effect.

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 AMELIA EARHART  (Sass-scheffy) 30", E., 3"                                                     $10.00


          Medium blue with unusually open standards. Falls tend to flare upwards.

          Interesting form. Occasional rebloom for us.

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  ANN DASCH  (Varner, S.) 38", M.L.                                                                         $10.00


          Dappled light blue with deeper purple undertones. Solid deeper

          blue-purple edges. H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  ANNIVERSARY  (Brummitt, M.)  30", M., 5"                                                        $10.00


          Superb broad petalled large white with yellowish hafts.  Winner of

          Dykes Medal in England.

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  APPALOSSA BLUE  (Bellagamba, L.) 33", M., 5"                                               $12.00


         Wide petalled, medium blue standards and falls dappled

         white on center edge. Light blue styles offer a long season

          of bloom.

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  BELFAST  (Varner, S.) 36", E. M., 5"                                                                        $10.00 


         Deep blue-purple standards, slightly mottled light blue.

         Falls dark blue-purple with large area in center mottled   

          full blue and white.  Light blue styles. H. M. Award.       

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  BLUE BRILLIANT  (Cassebeer, F.) 26", M., 4 ½"                                                $10.00


         Fine bitone with standards medium blue and slightly

          lighter falls. Few haft markings. Glows. H. M. and

          Morgan Awards.

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  BLUE MOON  (Scheffy, E.) 36", M., 4 ½"                                                                $10.00


          Large, deep blue-violet pendulous falls with contrasting

          clear-blue styles. More vivid at center.  Wide flaring

          standards. Outstanding, when in bloom this Iris lights

          up the fields. H. M. Award.

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  BLUE PENNANT  (McEwen, C.) 30", M., 5 ¼ " (T)                                              $10.00


         Dark, blue-violet standards and falls. Blue-violet blaze with

          prominent yellow- white edging. Velvety texture and

         horizontal flaring form. Fine parent. H. M. Award.

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  BLUE REVERIE  (McEwen, C.) 35", E. to L. M., 5 "  (T)                                  $10.00


          Beautiful, light blue standards with very wide ruffled styles.  Falls light

          violet-blue.  Ground veined darker with white signals and wide,

          ruffled styles.

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  BLUE ROSETTE  (Puett, C.) 35", M.                                                                         $10.00


          Full, blue falls with lighter blue standards.   Luminescent.   H. M.


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  BORBELETA  (Wadekamper, J.) 34", E. to L., 4"                                               $10.00


          Long blooming, clear dark blue.  One of the finest garden performers.

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  CAESAR  (Morgan, F. C.) 38", M., 3 "                                                                   $10.00


          Classic, broad-petalled, handsome blue-purple flower with

          pendulous falls and standards.   Styles a bluer shade.

          Very showy.

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  CAESAR'S BROTHER  (Morgan, F. C.) 38", L. M., 4 "                                     $10.00


         Striking, velvety deep blue-purple self.  Very smooth look.

         H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  CARRIE LEE  (Wiswell, G.) 24", M., 4"                                                                   $10.00


          Soft, pastel rose pink with light spots and deep rose veins

          on falls.  Soft muted color.  Showy white signals.

          H. M. Award.

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  COLORADO COLONEL  (Varner, S.) 32", M. to V. L.                                        $10.00


         Mid blue with purple tint; lighter edges.

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  CREME CHANTILLY  (McEwen, C.) 36", M., 5"                                                  $12.00


          Ruffled and flaring, creamy white flowers changing to

          pure white with age.  Butter-yellow blaze.


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  DANCER'S FAN (Warburton, B.) 40", M. to L, 4 "                                         $10.00


          Ethereal, violet-blue color suffused through flower.

          Violet-blue styles have aqua ribs and violet edges and

          floret crests.  Falls lighter violet blue with deeper fans at

          shoulders.  Green at hafts surrounded by deeper wings.

          Ruffled with dip at tip of falls.

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  DARK DESIRE  (Varner, S.) 36", V. E. to M.                                                          $10.00


         Deep blue-purple self. No signal.

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  DEWFUL  (McGarvey, W.) 40", M., 5"                                                                    $10.00


          Superior, huge deep blue self with striking wide petals.

          Stylearms very pale blue.  H. M. Award, Morgan Award

          and President’s Cup Award.

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  EARLY BLUEBIRD  (McEwen, C.) 32", E. to L., 4 ½"                                          $10.00


         Clear blue self with yellow-black-white blaze on medium

          size falls. Nice form.

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  EGO  (McGarvey, W.) 32", M. L., 4 "                                                                    $10.00


         Stylish, ruffled blue blend with haft patterned.

         H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  FLOATING ISLAND  (McEwen, C.) 30", M., 4                                                       $12.00


          Creamy custard-yellow falls topped with off white standards

          and styles.  The yellow gradually fades to near white.

          H. M. Award.  Parent of 'Butter and Sugar'.

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  FOURFOLD WHITE  (McEwen, C.) 36", M. to L., 6" (T)                                   $10.00


          Very large, pure white with wide flaring form and yellow haft.

          Classic form.  H. M. Award.  (Cross between 'White Swirl'

          and 'Snowy Egret'.)

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  FROSTY RIM  (Bush, G.) 37 ", M., 4"                                                                 $10.00


          Velvety, deep blue violet, smooth falls with a thin, silvery

          wire edge.

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  HARPSWELL HAPPINESS  (McEwen, C.) 30", E. to L., 4 " (T)                    $12.00


          Ruffled, standards are creamy white accented with pale

          yellow-greenish hafts. The cream-white falls are veined

          in pale greenish yellow against a yellow base area and

          yellow hafts.

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  HARPSWELL HAZE  (McEwen, C.) 35", M., 5 " (T)                                         $10.00


          Overall light hazy-blue color with dark violet-blue veining.

          Upright standards and flaring true-blue falls with a white

          blaze.  Medium light-blue stylearms.

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  ILLINI CHARM  (Varner, S.) 24", E. to L., 4"                                                       $10.00


          Flaring, light wine and lilac with white signals.  Ruffled.

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  KAMAYAMA  (I. sanguinea) 36", M., 3 "                                                           $10.00


          This purple selection of Iris sanguinea has a striking flower

          form with pendulous falls and vertical standards.

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  KING OF KINGS  (Varner, S.) 33", M. to L., 4"                                                   $12.00


          A large, wide white self with faint green veining and green

          shaft on falls. Outstanding in a clump and for performance.

          H. M. and Morgan-Wood Awards.

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  KINGFISHER BLUE  (Wallace) 32", M., 4"                                                            $10.00


          Large, pale violet-blue with lighter standards.  Very pretty.

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  LADY VANESSA   (Hollingsworth, R.) 36", M.                                                    $15.00


          Standards are wide, ruffled red violet with blue veining.

          Fall are slightly ruffled medium wine red with inconspicuous

          white signal overlaid with deep blue veins.  Small gold

          throat.  Stylearms are much paler deepening away from

          the ridge, which is blue at the base.  A delicate beauty.

          H. M. Award, Morgan Award and Award of Merit.

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  LAUGHING BROOK  (Waite, K.) 36", M., 4"                                                        $10.00


          Dark violet purple with white signals and light violet

          style arms.

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  LIGHTS OF PARIS  (Rich R.) 40", L., 4 "                                                            $10.00


          White self with deep yellow hafts.  Well branched.

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  LIMEHEART  (Brummitt, M.) 34", M., 4"                                                             $12.00


          Unique white flower with pale green overcast.  Wide

          petalled and especially crisp look.  Top quality.

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  LITTLE RED  (Vaughn, K.) 18", M. to L., 3"                                                          $10.00


         Lightly ruffled dark red-violet self with small white

          blaze. Low growing. H. M. Award.

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  LLEWELLYN  (Cleveland, F.) 38", M., 4 "                                                         $10.00


          Gorgeous, large, light purple-blue color that glows

          with lighter standards.  Very large flaring standards.

          A favorite here.

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  LYDIA WINTER  (McGarvey, W.) 39", M. to L., 4"                                              $12.00


          White standards over falls that open pink and fade to

          lavender. A delicate beauty.

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  MARANATHA  (Varner, S.) 40", M. L., 4 "                                                         $10.00


          Superb velvety royal purple self with very little signal

          showing.  Marvelous color.

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  MARILYN HOLMES  (McEwen, C.) 27", M., 4 "                                             $12.00


          Superior round-form flower with dark violet-blue falls

          and contrasting lighter standards and styles.  Rich color

          and nicely ruffled form.

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  MISS DULUTH  (Sass, J.) 31", M. to L., 4"                                                           $10.00


          Glowing, deep velvety reddish purple with contrasting

          blue styles. Very pretty color combination.

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  NATICK  (Gage, L. M.) 40", L.M., 4 "                                                                 $10.00


          Beautiful, clear sky blue.

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   ONG’S HAT  (Wood, I.) 36", M., 4 "                                                                    $10.00


          Large, glistening, wide-petalled warm white with full

          yellow haft. Pollen in especially potent in hybridizing.

          Seedling of White Swirl.  Named for a town in New

          Jersey. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery.

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  ORVILLE FAY  (McEwen, C.) 36", M. to L., 6" (T)                                              $10.00

          Medium blue with veining and very heavy substance and

          wide flaring petals.  H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  PERCHERON  (Warburton, B.) 35", M., 6"                                                          $12.00

          Heavily ruffled, veined and dappled large purple-violet standards

          and falls.  Aqua styles fringed at midribs.  Green signals.  Blooms

          on tall sturdy stems.

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  PINK HAZE   (McGarvey, W.) 38", M., 4 "                                                        $10.00


          Lovely, clear, pure light pink.   H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  PINK SNOWTOP  (McGarvey, W.) 40", M., 3 "                                                $10.00


          A beautiful lavender-pink amoena, standards open light

          pink and fade immediately to white.  Falls pink, opens to

          moderate purplish pink.  Stylearms white.

Pink Snowtop.jpg (32960 bytes)
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  PIRATE PRINCE  (Varner, S.) 28" M. L., 4 "                                                    $10.00


          Classy, deep blue-purple standards over lustrous rich-

          purple flaring falls.  No signals.   Green overlay on shaft.

Pirate Prince.jpg (30416 bytes)
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  PIROUETTE  (Cassebeer, F.) 32", M. L., 4 "                                                    $10.00


          Wide petalled, pale blue standards and medium-blue

          falls with violet undertones.  H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  RARE JEWEL  (Varner S.) 25", M. L., 3"                                                              $12.00


          Multi-hued violet iris. Standards violet, wine and lilac;

          falls violet, wine,  lilac and white.   Light blue styles.

          A delicate beauty.  H. M. Award.

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  RED PASSION  (McGarvey, W.) 40", V. L., 4"                                                     $10.00


          Late blooming and well branched, broad petalled

          maroon-purple self.  H. M. Award.

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  REDDY MAID  (McEwen, C.) 30", E. M. to M., 6" (T)                                        $12.00


          Velvety, dark wine-red standards; falls very dark

          wine-red with white signals and light green hafts.

          Dark wine-red stylearms.

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  REJOICE ALWAYS  (Varner, S.) 35", E. to M., 4"                                                  $12.00


         Long blooming, light pastel-lavender and lilac

          standards over deeper lavender falls with white


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  ROARING JELLY  (Shafer-Sacks) 36", M.                                                              $15.00


          Full, round and slightly recurved flowers have dappled

          bright raspberry falls with pale lavender-grey standards

          with diffused red veining that are also slightly dappled.

          Signal white with dark veining and dark blue flush.

          Stylearms lavender-grey flushed blue aqua.   Lovely

          and distinctive.  H.M., Award of Merit and Morgan-

          Woods Medal winner.

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  ROYAL HERALD  (Scheffy, E.) 33", M., 3 "                                                        $10.00


          Dark rich blue-purple with near-black falls.

          Flaring standards and very wide falls.

          H. M. Award.

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  RUBY WINE  (Hagar, B.) 36", M., 4 "                                                                   $10.00


          Dark, rosy-wine self with large white half-circle

          signals streaked with brown.  Distinctive and

          pretty.  H. M. Award.

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  RUFFLED VELVET  (McEwen, C.) 22", M. to L., 4 "                                         $12.00


          Wide petals that are very heavily flushed and

          ruffled with a rich velvety texture.  Standards

          velvety reddish purple; falls darker. Reddish-

          purple stylearms.  H.M. and Morgan Award.

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  SALEM WITCH    (Spofford, D.) 40", V. E., 3 "                                                  $10.00


          Striking with heavy color veining on medium reddish-

          purple base.  Large white blaze.  One of the earliest

          to bloom here at the nursery.

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  SALLY KERLIN  (McEwen, C.) 27", M., 4 "                                                       $12.00


          Round, ruffled clear pale blue with light lavender tone.

          Pure white blaze and horizontal form.

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  SHAKER'S PRAYER (Warner, C.) 36", E. to L., 4"                                               $12.00


         Small flowers with violet standards with reddish-violet

          styles.  Falls have solid-violet edges surrounding yellow

          hafts turning to white at center, veined in lilac.  Overall

          delicate veining effect.  Solid violet edge. Truly gorgeous.

          A very long season.  It is one of the earliest to bloom for

          us and continues to bloom through to the latest of the

          Siberians.  President’s Cup and Morgan-Wood Awards.

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  SHIRLEY POPE  (McEwen, C.) 28", M. L., 4 "                                                    $12.00


          Vibrant, dark reddish purple with pure-velvet look.

          Beautiful semi-flaring form and sharp contrasting

          white signal.

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 SILVER BIRD  (Varner, S.) 34", M. L.                                                                       $12.00


         Very deep royal blue with slight purple overcast. Tiny

          silver edge on falls. Aqua purple style arms. H. M. Award.

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  SILVER EDGE  (McEwen, C.) 28", E. to M., 6" (T)                                                $10.00


          Silver edging circles the medium-blue falls giving a

          distinctive unique look to this flower.  Yellow-white

          blaze.  Medium-blue standards and blue styles with

          turquoise midribs.  H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  SILVER ROSE  (Warburton, B.) 28", M., 4"                                                           $10.00


          Standards pinkish white, forming a star in the center

          with pinkish styles that complement rosy-pink falls with

          lighter edges.  Harmonious signal blending to deeper

          rosy violet.  Exquisite.

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  SNOW FLARE  (Carlson, G.) 40", M., 3 "                                                            $12.00


          Open flaring form of snowy white. Slight trace of

          yellow on hafts.  H. M. Award and Exhibition


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  SNOWCREST  (Gage, L. M.) 28", L. M., 3 "                                                          $10.00


          Sparkling, snow white with heavy texture and stately

          form.  Morgan Award.

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  SNOWY EGRET   (Cleveland, F.) 34", L. M., 4"                                                    $10.00


         Large, pure-white flowers with frilled edges.

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  STELLAR BLUE  (Warburton, B.) 30", M.                                                              $12.00


          Ruffled pale blue with deeper violet-blue veining

          on falls, giving the effect of halo pattern below

          blue-green styles.

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  STEVE  (Varner, S.) 34", M. L., 4 "                                                                        $12.00


          Large, deep-violet blue self with ruffles.  Stylearms

          ruffled and elliptical.  A vigorous grower.

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  STEVE VARNER  (Briscoe, H.) 29", M., 5"                                                             $12.00


         Wide, deep blue falls veined lavender-blue. Standards

          lavender- blue. Bright blue stylearms. Magnificent.

          Morgan and Morgan-Wood Awards.

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  SUMMER SKY  (Cleveland, F.) 30", M., 3"                                                        $10.00


          Outstanding, small variety with light-blue falls,

          yellow hafts, and pastel-violet standards.

          Looks like a myriad of butterflies.  Unique

          reverse light blue amoena.

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  SUPER EGO  (McGarvey, W.) 30", M. L., 5"                                                           $12.00


         Very showy.  Standards very pale blue giving

          appearance of white.  Falls darker blue shading

          to white at edges.  H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  SWANK  (Hager, B.) 32", M., 4 "                                                                           $12.00


          Clear, crisp deep blue with little signal and

          classic form.  H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  TEAL VELVET  (McEwen, C.) 33 ", V. E. to M., 5 "                                       $10.00


         Very velvety, dark reddish purple.  Self styles.

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  TEALWOOD  (Varner, S.) 27", M., 4"                                                                      $12.00


          Beautiful, smooth, very dark velvety purple

          self with flat form.  H. M. and Morgan Awards.

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  TROPIC NIGHT  (Morgan, F. C.) 30", L., 3 "                                                       $10.00


          Deep velvety blue-violet with a white veined patch

          on the falls.  Large flowers with striking color and

          texture.  Morgan Award winner.

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  TURQUOISE CUP  (Cleveland, F.) 27", L., 3 "                                                   $12.00


          Light, sky-blue to turquoise self with pretty veining

          on tall stems.  A gorgeous color that garners

          comments from all who see it in the fields.

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  VALDA  (Back, A.) 32", E., 4 "                                                                                $10.00


          Deep royal-blue standards.  Falls a deeper royal blue

          with yellow and black blaze ending with fan-shaped

          white markings at edge.

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  VELVET NIGHT  (Edwards, P.) 20", M.                                                                   $10.00


         Very dark, velvety blue-violet self.   H. M. Award.

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  VI LUIHN  (DuBose, S.) 34", M. L., 4"                                                                     $10.00


          Luxurious velvety violet-blue self.  Pale yellow signal.

          Especially well branched.  H.M. and Morgan Awards.

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  WHITE TRIANGLES  (Warburton, B.) 30", L. M., 4"                                         $12.00


          Large white iris with great substance.  Wonderful flat

          form and 3 to 4 buds per stem.

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  WINE WINGS  (Varner, S.) 32", E. to L., 3 "                                                      $10.00


          Long blooming bitone, standards light violet-red

          and violet-red falls.  H. M. Award.

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  YANKEE DOODLE BOY   (McGarvey, W.) 34", V. L., 4 "                               $15.00


          Outstanding late blooming bi-tone. Light violet-blue

          standards shading to white at edge over falls that are

          dark violet-blue at the hafts shading to light violet-blue

          at the edge.  White stylearms.  A late bloomer that extends

          the Siberian Iris display into the Japanese Iris bloom season.

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Tranquil Lake Nursery Order Form


We are building up stock on the following Siberian Iris (Iris sibirica).  They will be available in future years: We are building up stock on the following Siberian Iris (Iris sibirica).  They will be available in future years: Alter Ego; Annick; Atoll; Augury; Avon; Bee; Blue Burgee; Blue Mere; Blue Orientalis; Butter And Sugar; Cabernet; Cambridge; Chartreuse Bounty; Cleve Dodge; Cool Spring; Dark Circle; Deep Shade; Dianne's Daughter; Dreaming Green; Eric the Red; Ewen; Fairy Dawn; Forrest McCord; Fourfold Lavender; Grey Prince; Gull's Wing; Harbor Mist; Harpswell Hallelujiah; Hubbard; Illini Peace; Isabelle; Ivory Lemon; Jaybird; Joretta; Lady Godiva; Little Tricolor; Louis J; Matane; Moon Drummer; Moon Sprite; Mountain Lake; My Love; Nora Distin; Omar's Cup; On and On; Pansy Purple; Peg Edwards; Percherette; Perry's Pygmy; Polly Dodge; Prescious Doll; Purple Mere; Rehoboth Gem; ; Roanoke's Choice; Rosace; Rose Quest; Sapphire Bouquet; Shadow Lake; Sky Wings; Snow Bunting; Snow Prince; Snow Queen; Sparkling Rose; Strand Perle; Tiffany Lass; True Love; Tycoon; Velvet Gown; Weisser Orient; Weisser Zerg; White Amber; White Dove; White Swirl; Wing on Wing; Yankee Consul, and Young Lady. 


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