Small Flowered Daylilies A to L

Small-flowered daylily (Hemerocallis) hybrids have blooms that are larger that 3" up to 4 " in diameter.   Pony refers to flowers in the 4" range. Daylilies of 3 inches or less in diameter are called miniatures. Small flowered daylilies are always interesting and very lovely additions to your daylily collection. The small flowered daylilies listed below are in good supply. We have smaller numbers of many other small flowered daylilies. We ship healthy double-fan divisions or clumps (4-5 fans), unless other-wise indicated. Occasionally, low stock varieties and some new introductions will be shipped as single fans. Our guarantee still applies.

Abbreviations used, in sequence:

4"  - Flower size

D. - Dormant (foliage goes totally brown in early winter)

Ex.E - Extra early blooming

M.L. - Late midseason

(CL) - 4-5 fans

S.Ev. - Semi-evergreen ( may retain a small portion of green foliage during winter)

E. - Early blooming

H. M. - Honorable Mention

(T) - Tetraploid

Ev. - Evergreen ( reacts the same as Semi-evergreen here in the North)

E.M. - Early midseason

J. C. - Junior Citation of American Hemerocallis Society

35" - Flower scape height

M. - Midseason

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Small Flowered Daylilies A to L

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  ADDIE BRANCH SMITH (Henry) 24", D., M., 4 "                  $10.00

Exceptional pale lavender with deep purple halo and and purple eyezone and green throat. Beautiful foliage on this extended bloomer.

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  ALEXANDRA CHRISTINE (Yancey) 21", D., M., 4 1/4"          $12.00

Light pink self with light yellow-green throat. Limited.

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  ALNILAM (Saxton) 28", Ev., Ex.E., 4"                                           $10.00

Rich brown petals with contrasting bright orange sepals.  An early blooming bicolor with an unusual color combination. Limited.

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  ALPINE RHAPSODY (Hudson) 20", S.Ev., M., 3 1/2"      $10.00

Lovely, small lavender-mauve flower with plum-purple eyezone.  Contrasting chartreuse green throat is very interesting.

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  APOLLODORUS (Munson) 28", Ev., M.L., 4 1/2" (T)            $15.00

Violet-purple self with cream-yellow throat.   H. M. Award.  Reblooms.

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  ASIAN ARTISTRY (Munson) 26", Ev., M., 4 1/2" (T)                 $12.00

Round, ruffled mauve-lavender flower with chalky lavender band and green throat.  Fragrant and reblooms.  J.C. and H.M. Awards.

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  BACK TO SCHOOL (Sobek) 42", D., V.L.                                      $25.00

A true very late daylily for the garden.  This small flower is a rose -red self with a green throat.   It has a slightly darker eye and light mid-ribs.  All segments recurve slightly.  Its bloom season is a welcom addition to the late summer garden. (2003 Introduction).  Very Limited.

Back_To_School.jpg (4268 bytes)
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  BAMBI DOLL (Wild) 28", D., E.M., 4"                                           $10.00

Beautiful, small, peach-pink pastel with a green throat. Heavy substance. H.M. and A.M. Awards.

Bambi Doll.jpg (26721 bytes)
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  BELLA MANELIS (Winniford) 22", S.Ev., L., 3 3/4"       $10.00

Excellent, pony-sized apricot daylily. Late blooming.

Bella Manelis.jpg (32298 bytes)
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  BIG TIME HAPPY (Apps) 18", D., Ex.E., 4"                           $12.00

Soft lemon-yellow blooms with ruffled edges and a green throat. Flowers continually from May to frost self. Fragrant and reblooming.

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  BLOND BABY (Warner) 20", D., E.M., 3 1/2" (T)        $10.00

Cream blend with lavender markings and green throat. Reblooms.  Extended blooming.

Blond Baby.jpg (30111 bytes)
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  BUTTERSCOTCH RUFFLES (Harling) 24", S.Ev., E., 3 1/4"$10.00

Pony-sized, medium peach blend with small light green throat. A very prolific bloomer.  Reblooms.   H. M. Award.

Butterscotch Ruffles.jpg (35428 bytes)
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  CHEERFUL NOTE (Woods) 25", D., M., 3 1/4"                      $10.00

Perky, pony-sized, pale cream-yellow flower with faint green throat, Its ruffled, round form and luminous color spark up the evening garden. This small flowered nocturnal bloomer offers real quality.

Cheerful Note.jpg (26901 bytes)
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  CHILD BRIDE (Warner) 18", D., ExE., 3 1/2" (T)                       $12.00

Bright orange-yellow flower of medium size. Unique feature is fantastic branching producing a mass of blooms.  Reblooms.  Limited.

Child Bride.jpg (31403 bytes)
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  CHORUS LINE (Kirchhoff) 20", D., E.M., 3 1/2"                       $12.00

Lovely, clear, pink with deeper halo and dark green throat. Excellent form with wide, overlapping petals.   Nicely ruffled, very fragrant and reblooms.  Exceptionally good tasting.  J.C.and H.M. Awards. Limited.

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  CHRISTMAS WREATH (Drake) 26", D., M., 4" (T)                $12.00

Pony-sized, deep red with a green throat. Fine color with a round flat form.

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  CINDY'S LACE (Lachman) 26", D., E.M., 4 1/2"                   $18.00

White ruffles edge this refined lavender and pink bi-color flower.  Complimentary light lavender sepals, white midribs, and a yellow-green throat enhance the form.  Makes a distinctive garden display.

Cindy's Lace.jpg (30454 bytes)
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  CITRINA (Species) 36", D., M.L., 4 "                                      $15.00

Very fragrant pale lemon-yellow flowers. Nocturnal.

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  COLLEGE TRY (Apps) 32", D., M., 3 1/4"                             $12.00

Deep red with a darker halo and yellow-green throat. Good proportion with light rebloom. Limited.  

College Try.jpg (37487 bytes)
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  CREAMY EGRET (Kasha) 20", D., M.L., 4"                             $12.00

Cream with brushed pink eyezone and yellow throat.  Limited.

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  DARIUS (Harris) 22", D., M., 4 1/2" (T)                               $10.00

Beautiful, low growing purple with darker violet eyezone and green throat. Outstanding foliage for the garden.  J.C. Award.

Darius.jpg (4835 bytes)
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  DECATUR BRIGHT EYES (Davidson) 30", D., M., 4 1/2" (T) $12.00

Showy, medium pink with cherry-red eyezone and golden-yellow throat.  Eye-catching rebloomer extends the season. Extended blooming.

Decatur_Bright_Eyes.jpg (4375 bytes)
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  DECATUR CHEERFUL (Davidson) 30", D., M., 4 1/4" (T)     $12.00

Very green throat sets off this medium-pink daylily with a cherry-red eyezone and yellow-green throat.  Light rebloom here.   Distinctive extended bloomer!

Decatur_Cheerful.jpg (4432 bytes)
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  DECATUR IMP (Davidson) 26", S.Ev., M., 3 1/2"               $12.00

Showy medium yellow with red eyezone and yellow throat. Extended bloomer.  Limited.

Decatur_Imp.jpg (4529 bytes)
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  DECATUR JEWEL (Davidson) 24", D., E.M., 4"                           $12.00

Dainty lavender-pink bitone with yellow-green throat. Beautiful extended bloomer.

Decatur Jewel.jpg (28578 bytes)
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  DELICATE CHILD (Simon) 28", D., E.M.                                         $12.00

Palest orchid with darker eyezone and a very green throat. Heavily branched showy small flower.

Delicate_Child.jpg (5298 bytes)
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  DO IT AGAIN (Miles) 33", D., M.L, 4 1/2"                             $12.00

Bright, clear glowing-orange double daylily of moderate size.  Pretty compact doubling form.  Faint fragrance.  Limited.

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  DOUBLE AH (Miles) 24", D., M., 4 1/2"                         $10.00

Small flowered, pink self with a darker cherry eyezone.

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  DOUBLE CANARY (Miles) 22", D., M., 4 1/2"                        $12.00

Moderate-sized crisp, clear lemon yellow with showy center doubling and yellow-gold throat.  Bright look and fairly wide petals.  Limited.

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  DOUBLE CONFETTI (Thomas) 28", Ev., M. 4"                  $12.00

Rich light yellow double daylily.  Extended blooming.

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  DOUBLE CRANBERRY (Miles) 18", D., M., 4 1/2"         $12.00  

This double flowering daylily is a rose-pink blend with rose halo and gold throat.   Extended blooming. 

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    DOUBLE CREPED GOLD (Miles) 24", D., M.L., 4"              $12.00

Heavily creped bright golden yellow with layer-on-layer doubling.

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  DOUBLE ENCORE (McEwen) 24", D., E.M., 4" (T)               $12.00

Early blooming, soft clean-yellow flower with small green throat. and center doubling.   Fine crisp flower.   Extended blooming.  Reblooms.

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  DOUBLE KLONDIKE (Miles) 32", S.Ev., M., 4"                    $10.00

Medium sized double flowered gold daylily.  Extended blooming.  Limited.

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  DOUBLE SUN (Miles) 30", D., M.L, 4"                                  $12.00

Chartreuse-yellow flower with very tailored symmetrical doubling.  Medium sized flower and a fine neat look.  Fragrant extended bloomer.  Limited.

Double_Sun.jpg (4016 bytes)
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  DOUBLE TROUBLE (Webster) 24", D., M., 4" (T)             $15.00

Dark, bright red double with chartreuse-green throat.  Fragrant.

Double_Trouble.jpg (4443 bytes)
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  DUNE DARK EYES (Pauley) 22", D., E.M., 4 1/2"               $10.00

Light cream-melon flower with contrasting burgundy eyezone and brilliant olive throat.

Dune_Dark_Eyes.jpg (4907 bytes)
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  ED MURRAY (Grovatt) 30", D., M., 4" (T)                             $12.00

Gorgeous pony-sized velvety black red with very green throat. Superb form and color. Stout Medal.

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  ELLA THOMAS RIGGINS (Cunningham) 18", D., M., 3 1/2"$10.00

Light lavender self with yellow-green throat. Good performer of excellent proportions. Limited.

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  ELVES' WINE (Hudson) 21", D., M.L.                                 $10.00

Small, burgundy-plum flower marked with lighter-plum eye.  Delightful rich look.

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  FIRE TREE (Stevens) 28", D., M., 4 1/2"                             $12.00

Wide petaled flame-red flower with neat gold throat.  J.C. Award.

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  FIRST ROSE OF SUMMER (Sobek) 34", D., E., 4 1/8"  $20.00

A beautiful daylily flower of rose pink with a slightly darker rose halo above an intense green throat that begins to bloom here in mid-June. Lightly ruffled, this vibrant pastel child of "In Strawberry Time", has a clearer tone of pink very welcomed in the early daylily season. Pleasing foliage and good bud count add to this winner. Introduced by Tranquil Lake Nursery in 2006.

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  GOODBYE COLUMBUS (Abraham) 46", D., M.L. to V.L.,  4 1/2"        $18.00

Strong, tall scapes display masses of triangular gold flowers.  Petals are slightly recurved and pinched.  It's late season and exceptionally high bud count (up to 50 per scape) add a colorful fanfare to the late season border.

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  GRACILIS (unknown) 18", D., Ex.E.                                         $10.00

Small flowered bright lemon yellow. Unusual grassy foliage. Among the first to bloom in the spring.   Reblooms.

Gracilis.jpg (4964 bytes)
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  GRAPE MAGIC (Ater) 20", D., M.L., 4"                           $12.00

Grape-purple daylily with purple eyezone and yellow throat.  Extended blooming.  Reblooms.  

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  GYPSY DREAM (Cruse) 18", S.Ev., E.M., 3 1/2"                   $10.00

Fine, pony-sized, mauve lavender with striking purple eyezone and green throat.

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  HAKUNENSIS (species) 36", D., L.                                       $10.00

Very late, small flowered pale orange with multiple blooms.  Parent of late small flowered hybrids.

Hakunensis.jpg (4747 bytes)
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  HAMLET (Talbott) 18", D., E.M., 4"                                     $12.00

Round, clear grape-purple flower with dark blue-purple halo and green throat. Fragrant and sunfast. Extended blooming  J.C. Award 

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  HANNAH JANE (Barth) 28", D., E.M., 4"                                   $12.00

Small flowered, multiflora greenish-yellow yellow with green throat.  It has an extraordinarily long bloom season due to its high bud count and light rebloom.  Fragrant and extended blooming. One of our favorites.

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  HAPPY RETURNS (Apps) 18", D., Ex.E., 3 1/8"                       $10.00

Nice-pale yellow daylily that blooms early in the season and continues to rebloom until frost.   Fragrant extended bloomer

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  HEAVY MAKEUP (Sobek) 26", S.Ev., M                                 $15.00

Small salmon rose with aprominent wine eye that pales as it descends into the yellow-green throat.  Red veins enhance the recurved segments.  Excellent bud count make this very appealing in the garden.  (2003 Introduction)

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  HOLY MOSES (Apps) 30", S.Ev., E.M., 4 1/3"            $18.00  

Dark red daylily with a black halo and green throat. 

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  HOT TOWN (Stevens) 28", D., M.L., 4 1/2" (T)                $15.00

Bright red with black-red eyezone and small yellow throat.  Vigorous and well branched.  J.C. Award.

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  IN STRAWBERRY TIME (Sobek) 18", D., Ex.E.                    $12.00

Tantalizing, small flowered, lightly ruffled, dusty-rose blend with a strawberry-wine eyezone and creamy white midribs. Its early bloom season, alluring color and nocturnal quality make it a popular attraction at the nursery.

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  INNOCENT BABY (Faggard) 18", Ev., E.M., 3 1/2"                   $10.00

Pony sized buff-tan and red-brown bicolor with buff edging and showy burgundy eyezone and green-yellow throat. Excellent branching on this early blooming daylily.

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  ISAAC (Harris) 23", D., E.M., 4"                                                   $15.00

Pretty yellow, pony-sized daylily with green throat.  Extended blooming.  Limited.

Isaac.jpg (29446 bytes)
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  JUST IN JUNE (Englerth) 32", D., Ex.E. 4"                               $10.00

Very pretty early blooming lemon yellow.   Blooms with and blends well with peonies and Siberian Iris.  Fragrant and extended blooming. Good crisp heavy bloomer.

Just_In_June.jpg (4891 bytes)
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  LEAH DIONE (Webster) 14", S.Ev., E.M., 4" (T)                  $15.00

Cherry-rose flower with darker eyezone and chartreuse throat.  Fragrant and extended blooming.

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  LITTLE CREAM PUFF (Cruse) 18", D., E.M., 3 1/2"                   $10.00

Soft cream with an intense red eyezone and a green throat.  Small flower, but a standout.

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  LITTLE GREENIE (Winniford) 18", Ev., M., 4"                            $12.00

Small, glowing yellow-green daylily.

Little_Greenie.jpg (4603 bytes)
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  LITTLE RUFFLES (Crossman) 23", D., M., 4"                $10.00

This pony-sized daylily is a blend of salmon and peach with small ruffles. Light rebloom here.

Little_Ruffles.jpg (4466 bytes)
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    LITTLE TABETHA                                                                          $10.00

Small yellow daylily.

Little Tabitha.jpg (31468 bytes)
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  LITTLE WART (Spalding) 24", D., M., 3 1/4"                           $10.00

Small deep lavender-purple flower of outstanding quality. Fragrant.  Unique color.  H.M. and A.M. and Giles Awards.

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  LOUISE MANELIS (Winniford) 18", S.Ev., E., 3 1/2"                $12.00

A fine shrimp-pink pony flower with apricot throat.  Reblooms to extend the season.   Lovely.  J.C.Award.

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  LULLABY BABY ( Spalding) 29", S.Ev., M., 3 1/2"     $12.00

Luminous, pale ice- pink flowers fade to near white. Ruffled petals surround a green throat. Great form and branching with excellent foliage. Consistent bloom and a long season makes it one of our best regional star performers. A.M. and H.M. Awards, Lenington All American Award for National Performance and the Annie T. Giles Award for the most outstanding small flower.

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