Trio of Garden Workshops & Demonstrations

at Tranquil Lake Nursery


Saturday, September 30

The Late Season Garden


A morning of 3 Workshops & Demonstrations

Free and open to the public - Bring a lawn chair.


Spend an educational and fun filled morning at Tranquil Lake Nursery in Rehoboth, Massachusetts from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday September 30. Three workshops and demonstrations will be offered that showcase techniques that will help you to hone your gardening skills and improve the look and care of your own garden this fall and through the winter to early spring. The nursery’s garden and landscape experts will share their knowledge and tools of the trade with you through garden talks and demonstrations. There will be demonstrations on sharpening tools, pruning an rejuvenating a mixed border. A garden talk will focus on plant combinations for the autumn garden for a long season of bloom in the mixed border.


Plan to spend the whole day and learn how to improve the look of your garden this autumn, while you also get ready for the winter ahead and the spring to follow. You will also have the opportunity to wander among the gardens at Tranquil Lake Nursery, where you will see a diverse variety of perennials, grasses, shrubs and vines with late season interest. The gardens include a number of perennial borders, mixed perennial and shrub gardens, an ornamental vegetable garden, a thyme bench, container herb garden, an entry garden, an ornamental grass garden, a pond-side water garden, a bog garden, a dry-scree garden and a reservoir garden with a stone wall that overflows to a drip fountain and a new entry garden.


The nursery also has more than 10 acres of daylilies and Siberian and Japanese Iris in the field. Some of the late blooming daylilies will still be in bloom at the end of September. Tranquil Lake Nursery offers a diverse selection of perennials, herbs, shrubs, grasses and tender perennials. Bring a picnic lunch; we'll provide the drinks. For more information or a schedule, call the nursery at (508) 252-4002 or visit our Web Site at The directions are available on the website.



Schedule of Workshops and Demonstrations



Saturday September 30

The Late Season Garden

10:00 a.m.

Autumnal and Vernal Alliances: Plant Combinations for the Mixed Border from Autumn to Early Spring

  Warren Leach, landscape horticulturist, garden designer and co-owner of Tranquil Lake Nursery
  Warren Leach, garden designer and co-owner of Tranquil Lake Nursery will offer a garden talk on "Autumnal and Vernal Alliances: Plant Combination for the Mixed Border from Autumn to Early Spring. He will focus on plants that you can add to your border now to create pleasing combinations this fall that will last through the winter and into the early spring. Learn how to combine flowers, fall foliage and colorful twigs and fruits to brighten the fall and winter landscape. Early fall is an excellent time to plant and establish plants for the spring garden. Warren will also explore planting combinations of spring bulbs, perennials, and shrubs that will add color to your garden next spring.

11:00 a.m.

Getting Your Tools Ready for Winter Storage, Cleaning Sharpening and More


Steve Cushman, Engineer, Gardener & Friend of Tranquil Lake Nursery

  Join nursery friend Steve Cushman of Rehoboth for a lively and ongoing demonstration of “Getting Your Tools Ready for Fall, Cleaning, Sharpening & More.” Steve’s passion for machine tools, farm tools and rebuilding equipment is contagious. Steve maintains his own gardening equipment keeping them always ready for the task at hand. He will show garden visitors how to clean and care for garden tools and sharpen everything from shovels to pruning shears and lawn mowers in his demonstration. Learn the correct angle for sharpening blades and how to keep your tools clean, sharp and efficient. Steve also invites you to bring a garden tool and learn how to sharpen it at home.

12:00 noon

Design and Planting Tips for Renovating the Mixed Border

  Warren Leach, landscape horticulturist, garden designer and co-owner of Tranquil Lake Nursery


Warren Leach, horticulturists and co-owner of Tranquil Lake Nursery will offer a demonstration on the techniques for "Designing and Planting Tips for Renovating a Mixed Border." He will demonstrate digging plants from an existing overgrown border, digging and amending the soils, preparing the planting bed and replanting perennials and woody ornamental. He will select new plants to add with special attention to those that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The end result will be a new mixed border display garden.





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